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| earrings: bridesmaid gift {similar} | lip: Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso | blouse: vintage [ via Any Old Iron] {similar} | coat: H&M {similar} | jeans: Old Navy | wedges: secondhand via Carina {similar} |

So about 90% of the time these days, all I do is eat salad and take flat lay photos and wear black, white, or gray. Ok so that’s not all true, but, just like you, I’m caught in the chicest of traps- N E U T R A L S. I barely remember how to wear color in a “cool” way anymore! And I’m not really saying this is cool. I’m just saying that once a week I freak out a little bit and want to wear every color in my closet, all at once.

Purple and red is a color combo I am SO ASHAMED to admit that I saw for the first time on an episode of The Bachelor. Everyone knows how I feel about purple (I describe it less as my favorite color and more of my lifestyle) but seeing it paired with red really made me go “hmmm.” I’m into it! How beautiful is this blouse? I found it in a very random vintage shop on my way home from a run one Saturday and ended up going back for it the next weekend (originally noted in my March recap.) For anyone in Nashville or passing through, Any Old Iron is definitely worth checking out! I spoke to the owner, whose background is in costume design- it was actually an incredible sequin blazer on a mannequin that made me go inside in the first place! The store has a great selection of vintage dresses and blouses, along with the handmade line of sequin blazers and jumpsuits- swoon!

This pink coat has been dubbed my “Spring coat” for the last few years because it’s 1) bright 2) not very warm but 3) makes me feel more chic than anything else I own! I never wear it quite as many times as I mean to in the narrow window when it is appropriate.

I kind of ran myself ragged this week, so I couldn't be happier it's Friday! Carina actually switched a plane ticket last minute to Nashville so she'll be here for the weekend. Tomorrow is looking pretty crummy weather wise, so I'm looking forward to lots of snuggling, maybe some shopping, ordering take-out, going to dinner (basically all the food and drinks) and generally giving my sister a little lovin'. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!

Oh, and if you have advice for wearing colors in a chic and on trend way- I'm all ears! 

pictures by Adriane Smith Creative

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