Weekend Update: Sisters Before

Monday, May 8

Sometimes your beloved sister needs to change a plane ticket last minute and says, I'll be in Nashville next weekend! 

I don't know if you've gathered that I really *love* maximizing and making plans, but I knew this would be a different kind of weekend. The weather actually shaped up really beautifully, so we kicked things off (after I picked her up at the airport with her favorite queso on Cinco de Mayo AND then we slept for 12 hours, best life) with a walk in my favorite spot, ^ the Shelby Bottoms greenway. Everything is so GREEN in Nashville right now!  

We had two unofficial hashtags ^ for the weekend (I know, I can't help myself) oh, make that three with the help of our unofficial branding consultant and some borrowed phraseology from my mom, (#comfortsoffamily.) I say unofficial because they are kinda a joke but only kinda. Not pictured: an amazing dinner at 5th & Taylor, an entire Sunday afternoon on my couch, a failed hunt for my holy grail girlfriend jeans for Peanut, an Inglewood historic homes tour, brunch at Little Octopus (maybe the best space ever), Despacito about ten times, and a load of lipstick swatches. 

LYMTL Little Peanut, and Nashville does too! See you next weekend (would you believe that we live across the country from each other?) 

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