A Mid-Week in Charleston


Last week I did an experiment called "can I go on vacation from Tuesday to Thursday and then work on Friday?" The results: NOPE. Friday was so brutal. Not complaining at all, but I think I was a bit too optimistic.

Jacqui flew into Nashville on Monday evening, and on Tuesday morning, we hit the road for Charleston just as early as we could muster (after, you know, minimal sleep the night before.) Having one of my best girlfriends to myself for a few days was nothing short of an absolute TREAT. I can't remember the last chance we had to spend that much time together.

And Charleston is just such a dream, and the perfect destination for a girl's trip (we are already plotting our next one, btw. I'd love to go back to Miami or check out Sedona, AZ!) I hadn't been to Charleston since Andrea's bachelorette party a couple years ago, and we did not run out of things to do! We packed our 2.5ish days pretty full, but things were also somewhat low-key (I'm talking I was in bed snoozing by 10:30pm both nights!)

We snuck in some beach time (on Sullivan's Island), pool time (at the wonderful Mills House Hotel that was so perfect for us!), oysters, the "Dark Side of Charleston" tour (lol! But I would totally recommend it) and of course about a million selfies on Rainbow Row.

Love you, Jacqui! Thanks for being a dream of an adventure companion.

Oh P.S. We basically referenced the Gal Meets Glam Charleston Guide the whole time, and it was great! We had dinner at The Ordinary and Le Farfalle, (both incredible), dessert at The Darling (my key lime pie was a highlight of the entire trip), coffee at Black Tap, and breakfast on our way out at The Daily (so great!) Would absolutely recommend the guide if you are headed to Charleston!


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