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| sunnies: stall in London {similar} | earrings: Madewell- sold out! {similar} | tee: Old Navy {basically exact!} | jeans: Urban Outfitters- still available and seriously the best | heels: Report via Nordstrom Rack | lip: Wet n Wild LiquidCatsuit in Rebel Rose |

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Nutella and peanut butter. Simon and Garfunkel. These jeans and these heels. Just another example of a timeless combination that never ever lets me down. (And I can't stop wearing!!!)

A sister I will not name (whose name rhymes with Catinka) borrowed these heels while we were in Chicago. It's always fun to lend and borrow stuff when you're with your sisters, but after Galina stomped around in these for an entire night, I was a little :O. But that's when I realized, these are the kind of heels I will buy again right away after they fall apart, because they are that great: super comfy AND they go with everything! I think if you can fill your closet with pieces like that, that you would immediately replace if you had to, then you are doing it right.

If I could do one nice thing for everyone in the world, I would buy them all a pair of these jeans. I just think it would alleviate a lot of conflict and unhappiness and anxiety over what to wear. Once again, you don't have use my **affiliate link** but you do have to buy this jeans. And you're welcome.

And while you're reading this, I'm making my way back from a mid-week vacation in Charleston with Jacqui! Just in time to finish up a Friday for the weekend in Nashville #summerhours. All examples of me living my best life. I hope it's been a best life week for you, too, and thanks for reading!

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