Weekend Update: Assorted Pappus in the Windy City


Highlights of my "Pri-birthday" weekend in Chicago:

+ HAMILTON | Have I mentioned recently that I am a musical theater aficionado? And that this was, actually what spurred this whole trip, not being able to get tickets for Hamilton in SF? The show was actually incredible; I laughed, I cried, and if you have a chance to see it, you absolutely must. Even if you're not a musical theater or American history enthusiast, and if you're both, just forget it!

+ Deep dish + Rosé + leisurely getting ready + mirror selfies | We spent an entire Friday afternoon doing this, before:

+ Architecture boat tour | I love history and Chicago is FULL of it. And, boasts the "birth of the skyscraper" fun fact! This was just so cool, and I would completely recommend it, especially if you can hit the twilight tour on a beautiful early Summer's eve.

+ A bloody mary with a grilled cheese sandwich in it | As evidenced by the photo of me stalking my prey, above. Saturday morning brunch was at Rhyme or Reason which is a 70's inspired "retro eatery" and my dream come true. 

+ Ping-pong with the best doubles partner | We spent Saturday evening (after dinner at Girl and the Goat) at Parson's, home of the frozen negroni, and a pretty amazing patio complete with ping-pong table, which naturally Amir & I made a beeline for! We played a few games of singles and then proceeded to clean house in doubles. When we had nothing else left to do ;) we went to Scofflaw for cookies at midnight, because I had some unfinished redemptive business to take care of. P.S. Parson's is coming to Nashville this Fall and I'll be there when it opens! 

+ Sunday with my sweetest cousin, Sabina! | Who catered to my every whim and stopped our Uber to take my picture in front of a mural, took me to a hipster coffee shop, and to Zara. What a special day!

So I really love Chicago, and now that I have a better lay of the land (since my trip last year) I love it even more. I just really like having somewhat of an idea where I am, which usually takes about two trips to a city. I especially love Wicker Park and Logan Square. But omg there is so much to do and see! We also went to the Chicago History Museum for a few hours on "Priya Saturday" and I loved that so much. 

Thanks again to my homies Galina, Carina, and Amir, for doing so much to make the weekend special for me, and flying all the way out to Chicago to hang wit me! (The Nashville --> Chicago flight is just about an hour and a total dream. Too easy!) 

And yeah, it's been a "Weekend Update on a Thursday" type of week! Hope you're having a great one!

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