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Do I look different? Do I seem more distinguished and mature and experienced? I turned 26 yesterday! For some reason 26 seems like a real, adult age to me. I definitely don't feel old, but something about officially being in the latter half of my 20's feels different. Or feels like it should feel different :) 

I kept saying and thinking to myself yesterday how truly special and loved I felt. It felt like so many people did a zillion little things and big things that made me feel celebrated for DAYS. Because, yes, I was in Chicago all weekend claiming my birthday, then came back to Nashville for the actual day, which I've now decided is totally the move. I was perfectly content with a relatively chill, normal day (with a bunch of little surprises) after running myself ragged in Chicago (photos and tales to come, stay tuned!) and it was just a good day. And certainly felt a lot better than last year.

So THANK YOU to everyone who showered me with birthday wishes, thoughts, donuts, Insta shout-outs, texts, tweets, and gifts! And thanks to my assorted siblings for a pretty epic birthday weekend celebration. 

Oh- I had some time to kill after everyone left Chicago early on Sunday, and I was hanging with my sweet cousin Sabina who was prepared to cater to my every whim, so naturally we went to Zara (which I ordinarily don't have access to.) I realized I should pick out a birthday dress, and was conflicted because this looks like something a toddler would wear? But here I am turning 26? Whatever I really liked it and it was perfect for eating donuts all day long AND reminder that you don't need anyone's permission to wear what you want to wear. 

I gave myself a few presents besides a birthday dress: pink clogs (!) which I've decided are entirely practical, wearing my hair in this ponytail, eating tons of pasta and cheese for dinner, and this whole thing called #26DaysofPriya that I will tell you about later!

I don't have any birthday resolutions or profound thoughts on turning 26, but I'm feeling really grateful, and lucky to have the people in my life that I do! Here's to a great year! 
a HUGE thanks to Adriane Smith Creative for being the very best and taking these photos (and many more!)


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