My birthday!

A few pictures from the momentous day when I turned 21:
 Minutes after the actual moment. 

My special birthday dinner & surprise cake!

Thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate! You guys make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream…oh wait.
 And to my C4 ladies, I love you!

21 is now one for the record books!


Tea Journal said...

Yay, happy birthday!! Looks like an awesome celebration! Love the tiara :)

dani said...

Happy birthday! You and your friends all looked adorbs! :)

Priya said...

Thanks! Let's be real, I take any chance I can to wear a tiara!

Priya said...

Aww thanks so much!

coe said...


Priya said...

I love YOU! Thank you so much for coming by last night! Can't wait for Thursday :) :) :D

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