Sometimes you win,

So, I'm 25! Now I can officially call it a quarter-life-crisis, teehee. 

Many thank yous and hugs to everyone who spent time, texted, called, tweeted, 'grammed, and Facebooked to make sure I felt so loved and thought of yesterday. It was a good, chill, day. 

As I mentioned recently, I've been searching for a mantra (sorry, Mom!) of sorts for the year of 25. Something to keep in mind any time this phase of life feels unwelcome, different, or tough. I've decided on: 

Because what if this year, I looked at every disappointment, setback, and challenge as a lesson instead of a failure? 

Onward & upward. Here we go, 25! 


Edye Nicole said...

Happy Birthday, Priya!!!! Such a great mantra :)

Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

reshma said...

Happy Birthday Priya!! Hope you have a wonderful year! :)

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