60's botanical brass knuckle mug

| cardi: H&M | tee: Old Navy | jeans: Old Navy Rockstar High-Rise | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens (exact in Bordeaux / similar in black ) | lip color: NYX liquid lipstick in Soft-spoken |

I'm not actually funny. [Ironically, because I grew up in house where humor was currency.] I mean, *I* think my jokes are funny. But usually I'm the only one. And that is why when I find a joke that works, I re-use it as many times as possible!

So do you have any idea how many times I've had this conversation:
co-worker: oh that mug is awesome. I love how it's floral but then has the brass knuckles on the side.
me: I love it because it's sweet, but then sassy. Just like meeeeeeee

^ No that was the punch line.  

Back to my humor disclaimer...

Is it totally strange or just kinda strange that this outfit post features a little mug I found in my office? I think I've said this recently, but life right now for me is all about squeezing the joy out of any tiny thing I can. Like this mug, that I found in the recesses of the office kitchen cupboards, and have used every day since. Boy would I love to see the set that this was apart of! 

Ultimately this mug was a great accessory for a retro looking 'fit, featuring my beloved clogs, high-waisted jeans, and just a simple stripey + cardigan combo. And if my hair looks gnarly, it's because IT IS. 

Oh, you're probably expecting some kind of report about my trip to Chicago over the weekend! Well. The weather was total crap and I had a marvelous time and didn't do even ONE touristy thing (seriously- I started the weekend by saying "Carina, I honestly don't care if I see the bean." by the end of the weekend she said "good thing you started with that disclaimer!") My main priorities were a) snuggling with Carina b) enjoying the local fare, and c) taking approx. 1,000 seflies; all of which I accomplished. Other notable moments include a cocktail that was served in a giant plastic bag and meeting Sanjay Gupta (actually in the same night!) Solid weekend.


abidina said...

So pretty. I love being a creep and checking up on your blog, it's ~inspiring~.

Priya said...

Thank you Abbie :D

Unknown said...

I want a pair of Hasbeens so much, now to fit it in my budget....

Priya said...

Heidi, I actually found these at an awesome sale price on the Swedish Hasbeen website! Definitely check around to Zappos/Amazon/Shopbop too. You can find them at a pretty good deal (for real clogs!)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Every time I see you wear high-waisted jeans you make me want to get a pair too! You just look so awesome in them! :)

Edye Nicole said...

Such a cute outfit, Priya! You're so pretty <3

Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

Laila said...

What a cool mug! I too have a favourite mug at work (it's a weird dome shape with a Taj Mahal carved into the side? But so comfy to hold...) I also just wanted to say that your hair looks AMAZING in these photos. Seriously, so pretty Priya! xxx

Kristian said...

That outfit is so, so, so cute!!!!!!

Glad you had a great time in Chicago.

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