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Hi! My little brother Amir is the most pure human. When he arrived at our Airbnb in Chicago (it was a super cool photographer’s studio/loft), he commented "Well this space is great! And I love the yard! It'd be great for some blog photos!" I mean, does the guy know me? Behind every great blogger...

Other recent instances of being #obsessedwithAmir (yes, I do use this hashtag) include his description of a craft fair he went to in San Francisco with Carina as "walking through Pinterest but in real life" and the dismayed playlist (and subsequent dissertation via text) I came across on Spotify called "The Taylor that I used to know". I saw it at work and laughed for a good five minutes. Never change, Amir! 

To be honest, when I was younger, having a lot of siblings kinda blew; but now that I'm a mature adult (lol) I realize it is TRULY my best resource! And I'm not just talking about the blog photos! My siblings, all six of them (plus a new sis) are the best reason I will ever have for someone to date me. I'm going off the rails and could write an entire blog post about this. But I just really love them.

So anyway, one last little memory from my Pri-birthday trip to Chicago! I wore this for the conclusion of Priya-Saturday, that we spent brunchin', museumin' (this is not working), strollin', having dinner at Girl and the Goat, and then playing ping-pong at Parson's and eating cookies at Scofflaw! I wore these clogs all weekend long, and it's like I was telling my sister Galina (formerly, not a clog lover) you WILL love clogs after you wear them walking around (and playing ping-pong!) for hours and still feel ok. They really are the comfiest heels to wear. I am a clog evangelist. 

I found this dress at a local boutique (love language alert!), and though initially on the rack, it looked a little too bohemian for my taste, I tried it on and loved it! That open tie back tho! It's is currently on loan to Carina, which further affirms the purchase. She asked if she could take it home for a while, and I knew I had made the right decision because she has super picky, spot-on style. 

So this week is a little wacky for me because Jacqui is flying into Nashville tonight, and we are taking off to Charleston for a few days! Isn't it funny when vacations come at the perfect time? I'll be back to real life on Friday, just in time for the weekend :) I'm not complaining. But I do have a lot to do. TTYL

thanks Amir for scouting out this backdrop (because he's the cutest) and taking these pictures!

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