Tobi Look #3: Acquainted Lace

| lip: Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit in Rebel Rose | pants: Gap | heels: Anthropologie | clutch: gift (Anthropologie) |
| top: c/o Tobi {I'm wearing a size Small and it fits perfectly!} |

Well hello! Excited to share my third and final look in collaboration with Tobi today! If you missed looks one and two: I went for it with a lace-up dress / the tropical crop top of my dreams.

I really couldn't see past the Acquainted Lace Peplum Top after finding it on the Tobi website. It jumped out at me as being a) SO pretty (that detailing!) b) unlike anything I owned or really would ever pick out for myself and c) perfect for a night out on my upcoming trip to NYC.

I loved it even more after receiving it, because I don't know if these pictures convey how perfectly it fits me (I am wearing a size small, for reference.) It's kinda like a cute hug! I didn't even have to adjust the straps, which is absolutely unheard of for me! Though I might have gulped after looking at it, and felt like it would show more skin than I usually do, honestly I felt super comfortable wearing it. Though the back is open, the front comes up pretty high- I didn't have to worry about any gaping or adjusting or showing off more than I wanted! And though the peplum has that see-through peek-a-boo affect, it's actually fairly subtle, and perfect for concealing a LOT of pizza (I tested this for you, you're welcome.)

With the 50% promotion for first time orders, the top is $28, which is completely reasonable for the quality. All of the stitching/detailing is very sturdy! I didn’t experience any unraveling, and all the appliqués feel luxe (instead of cheapy/plastic-y, which can sometimes happen in tops like this.) 
Big thanks to Kathleen, Carina, and Elyse for taking these pictures for me! Aren't they cute? And yes, Carina is totally wearing the crop top I also received from Tobi. Of her own volition, I should add.

A huge thank you to Tobi for allowing me to participate in this collaboration! Though they allowed me to pick out these three items to review and keep, I can honestly say I would order from them anyway (we loved this top so much, I'm about to order one for Carina!) I was super impressed by the quality/fit of all three items I received, and can't wait to wear them again! I know they will quickly become well-loved items in my closet. Be sure and check out the wide and trendy selection that Tobi has! 

Tobi provided me with this top in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own!

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