Weekend Update: Little Peanut, Big City

photo creds to: Kathleen, Carina, and a stranger on the boat

So New York City is really cool! I'm convinced you need to visit around five times before you have any semblance of bearings. Luckily I was in great hands, between Carina and her wonderful friends Elyse and Kathleen. I mean that for a few reasons: they always answered my "so...where are we?" (pro tip: "If you don't realize you're leaving Manhattan you're still in Manhattan"), they let me ramble about Britney Spears/make-up and pretended (?) to listen, and they were down to take some pictures for this little blog. Seriously. Wait for my outfit pics (tomorrow) when I had THREE SHOOTERS at one point. For real!

Anyway I flew to NYC early Friday morning on Carina's 29th birthday! Happy Birthday Peanut!! We met in the airport and went straight to Russ & Daughters and Milk Bar (for the birthday cake truffles!) and then to get our nails done. We met up with Kathleen and checked into our Airbnb which was this AWESOME loft in SoHo/Little Italy/Chinatown. Then we got glam (I tied Carina down to do her make-up and force her to wear fake eyelashes haha) and had a really great dinner at Meadowsweet in Williamsburg (complete with champagne toast and singing to Carina which she hated. HA!) 

On Saturday after a slow start we had a brunch at Two Hands (seriously so good and the Australian waiters were also not bad) and then walked around and shopped, before a pizza slice en route ^^ (how funny is this picture? I was literally running down the street with cheese dripping down my face) to a sunset cruise on the Hudson. That may be so disgustingly touristy that you hate me, but it was pretty spectacular. And then there was loads of pizza at Rubirosa (plus "pizza portraits") after a stop at Parm. I broke my cleanse and really went for it (at one point...was eating gluten wrapped dairy and washing it down with a Negroni.) 

Finally Sunday, before heading back, we had time for brunch at Freeman's and a stop at the 9/11 memorial. Neither Carina nor I had ever been, and I don't want to gloss over that it was a really beautiful and moving tribute.

Well NYC, there's nothing like it. It also completely wore me out! HBD to my little peanut! 


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