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This outfit is a little dated, so this marks the blog debut of these cut-out booties I got from Target early this year. Um, you can’t even see the cut-out, but trust me, it’s there. This style is so trendy and a nice deviation from every other pair of booties I own.

Otherwise this outfit is pretty simple, but you know what they say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is also a great representation of what I’m wearing 80% of the time, day dress + booties (sub flats or sandals for Summer.) This dress is another random Target find from the Spring, I loved how subtle the “lace-up” is. That is a trend I have adopted very lightly (well, I say that, and my next outfit post features a full on lace-up dress. Baby steps!) 

That's really I have to say about this outfit, so let's talk about: VACATION!

I am going to Italy in 24 days (!!!) I've barely even gotten excited yet! I kinda can't believe it's so close, since I think I booked this trip the week I got back from Christmas vacation, ha. The plan is to meet Carina in Milan, fly to Alghero (on the island of Sardinia) where we'll spend the week, then spend the following weekend in Rome, before flying back to Milan. If you have any must-see or do's in any of these cities, I would love to hear them!!

Things I am doing before my trip:

+ exfoliating! (I guess...that's all I need to say about that.)

+ collecting reading materials! Carina originally said "this trip is too chill you won't like it, all I did was lay on the beach and read" SO I want to come prepared with an arsenal of books. Would love to hear any and all recs.

+ cleansing! I wrote about this in my July post, but as of today, I've been gluten, dairy, and alcohol free for A WHOLE WEEK. Though, sure, I want to be looking and feeling my best when I'm living in a swimsuit; this cleanse is really less about losing any weight or looking a certain way than it is about just disciplining myself, for a bit, and possibly figuring out what's making me feel bloated all the time. I don't think I have an intolerance, but something is not making me feel great and I bet it's gluten or dairy! I'm really determined to stick to it (I'm still eating sugar. Totally doable, right?) until August 31st- WITH the one exception of this coming weekend. I'm going to New York for Carina's birthday and I'm not about to be the lamest party guest of all time.

This "cleanse" is not admirable but I'm just trying to keep you in the loop ;)


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