Weekend Update: 36 Hours in NYC

So I went to New York City for the first time (basically) this weekend, and I’ll just say, all the stereotypes are true!

My head was on a swivel for 36 hours as we: walked everywhere, drank under string lights in Brooklyn, watched people cuss out a taxi cab that nearly ran them over, ate a life-changing bagel, saw Fashion Week models “in the wild”, got hustled by tiny Asian ladies selling knock-off designer goods, rode the Subway and everyone was wearing headphones, and visited Times Square in the middle of the night (and it was as light as day.) 

OH- and the STREET STYLE! I get it now! Everyone is so freaking stylish- like, even if they were wearing something I would never wear, I could see that there was a concept behind the look, and I’m totally into that. I can see why you’d want to wear Nikes all over the city (so much walking) but I can also see why you totally wouldn’t. The only thing I “missed out on” was a Subway rat, and I use “ “ because rodents are my phobia fear so I didn’t miss out.

Thank you to my sister Carina “Little Peanut” who is always spoiling me and giving me honest feedback on sartorial choices. She’s the smallest bully I’ve ever known, and I totally bullied her into wearing and getting some lip color.

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