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Here's my belated, no one cares, quarterly, round-up of everything I've been loving lately! Always on the lookout for recommendations, so let me know what you've been watching/reading/listening to/enjoying in the comments!

+ Fleabag | I can't believe I haven't written one of these posts since I watched all of Fleabag in a few days. Wow! This show is so dang clever and well done. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an absolute genius, making you as the viewer feel like a character in the show, and making every episode feel like one long inside joke between the two of you. Also PWB vs. Olivia Colman in this show is EVERYTHING. I gleefully watched as Fleabag swept the Emmys and felt every award was well-deserved. Especially the screenplay award for "Episode 1" (first ep of the 2nd season) which is minute by minute, probably the best episode of TV I've ever seen. Go watch now!!!

+ Barry | This is known as a happy medium in my household, something my bf & I equally enjoy :) the ensemble of the show is fantastic, but I have to give special applause for Bill Hader who I am full-on crushing on now (is it bc he looks like my bf???? Age old question) I am so impressed at how he plays this very dimensional character who is largely serious, but still with the comedic edge we all know & love from SNL. The entire show is full of interesting characters and a premise unlike anything you've seen.

+ Cold Case Files | There is a whole lot of true crime to consume right now, & most of it feels about the same. This show is set apart in my mind as exceptionally well done. Plus! There's the tiny balance of resolution at the end of an episode. It is absolutely fascinating to me every single time what the one thing was that made the cold case crack wide open after 5, 10, 15 years!

+ Mindhunter Season 2 | Two years later, I was so excited for this, what I consider one of my favorite TV shows right now. Season 2 definitely takes a different turn and explores more of the ensemble characters. Lucky you if you haven't watched, now you can binge two seasons in a weekend!

Styling Hollywood | Just an absolute freaking joy to balance out any true crime you may be watching ;) I wish to be bffs with Adair Curtis & Jason Bolden immediately! I've also been fascinated  to learn just how much a stylist does. Plus it is so neat to review awards shows past & realize red carpet looks I adored were styled by Jason!

+ Father of the Bride - Vampire Weekend | Such a fun, boppy, Summer album! Vampire Weekend has consistently put out music that's just fun and reminds me of carefree high school days. Listen to: Harmony Hall.

+ Jaime - Brittany Howard | I wasn't particularly a huge Alabama Shakes fan (not not a fan) but I knew this debut solo album was going to be awesome & something I would love. This album was my go-to for weeks for blogging & online work, but calling it "background music" sounds like an insult. It would be equally suited as the star of the show on a Fall night in with some whiskey and a loved one. I can't put my finger on the genre, but it's full of dreamy sounds! Listen to: Stay High and He Loves Me.

+ Incubus | I surprised Art with a trip to Minneapolis for his birthday to see Incubus, one of his favorite bands. My brother Coren has listened to Incubus for years, so I knew I liked some of their music, but during the show, I was surprised by how much of it I knew and loved! This got me listening to & loving them even more. Listen to: the Spotify This is Incubus playlist will give you a great intro, I have to shout-out Dig, which I think is an absolutely beautiful love song & my favorite of theirs.

+ The Big Day - Chance the Rapper | You just can't listen to Chance without being happy. His rhymes are dope, & there's some awesome guests on this album (Ben Gibbard?! Exsqueeze me!) I was so excited for this album to come out and it did not disappoint! Just as great for working out as hanging around with my brothers. Listen to: Do You Remember and Let's Go on the Run 

+ Norman Fucking Rockwell - Lana Del Rey | Ok I am a huge LDR fan, but here's what I'll say about this album: she picked all the singles correctly, & they are fire! The rest of it hasn't totally jived with me. Then again, this was coming on the heels of her (imho) masterpiece, Lust for Life. Hard to top that. That said, there are fantastic tracks, we just had already heard them months before the album dropped. Listen to: Venice Bitch and Doin' Time (a cover that was meant to be.)

Let's connect on Spotify! Literally always streaming something.

+ My "live-in" items for Summer 2019 (linking similar/exact when possible): J. Crew one piece, espadrilles, Birkenstocks, peplum t-shirt, Bensimons, oversized jean jacket, Avarcas, Old Navy jeans, pink circle sunglasses, bandanas, J.Crew culottes, Mara Hoffman sundress, Supergas (platform & reg!)

+ A wishlist for right now, since most of the above items are old/not exciting/I'm not shopping! dark purple Dr. Martens, a silk scarf, new slip-on Vans, the entire lavender Adidas collection (but esp the leggings!), the perfect pair of round sunglasses, tissue turtlenecks for layering, half-zip fleece, Spanx faux leather leggings, and the perfect little black crossbody purse.

ETC. //
+ The Ordinary | I have only barely dipped my toe into the face serum/oil world, and this is only because I got lucky with some cast-offs from my bff Christine. For the past few months, I have been using the Glycolic TonerLactic Acid, Mandelic Acid, and Retinol at night (and not much consistently the day tbh!) I can't put my finger on exactly what/why, but my skin definitely looks better than ever - brighter, more even, and just better! I'm excited to experiment with some new products so if you have any that are life-changing, please share with me! I get so overwhelmed!

+ Cakes! | Art's mom (shout-out Libby!) got me a stand mixer last Christmas, & I've been doing some baking! Favorites have been this super easy and delicious pumpkin cheesecake, and this bourbon butter cake + frosting that I made for a going away party for friends moving to Kentucky (on theme, duh!)

+ Boie scrubbers | My bf randomly ordered these for us and omg so much better than a loofah! I love stealing his face one too ;) they come in fun colors and can even be ordered on a subscription.

+ Away suitcase | Another shout-out to my Away suitcase, which I used the hell out of this Summer. Honestly, I have no complaints about it & love all the little features - it holds a lot, very durable, glides like a dream, comes with a removable battery, locks, has little compartments inside, removable/washable laundry bag...I have The Bigger Carry-On in what was a limited edition print, but so many good color options currently. Here's my referral link for $50 off your purchase (I get something too!) 

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