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Here's my "every now and then" round-up of everything I've been getting into!

SEEN // While we are watching a LOT of TV right now, many of these are from the last few months.
It & It Chapter Two | I haven't been much of a Stephen King fan in the past, but I LOVED both of these movies! Definitely spooky, but those who are not a fan of horror can enjoy them as well, because they are more-so a thriller about friendship/childhood. I mused that I got a very "Stranger Things vibe", & Art mentioned that really, Stranger Things has an It vibe, since it came first. Fair!

Jailbirds | Absolutely loved this reality show set in a prison in Sacramento (we went to Sac over Thanksgiving and I was tickled to see where it was set!!) This follows the stories of several inmates and their history/family life, relationships, and daily life in prison. I found it so fascinating and really eye-opening!

The Righteous Gemstones | The absolute absurdity of Vice-Principals made me a Danny McBride convert, & while Gemstones has similarities, it's a totally different but still absurd story line (VPs is still my favorite, but Gemstones is definitely less dark.) I loved every minute of this and I have never loved Jennifer Nettles more! Misbehavin' has been stuck in my head ever since!

Love Island UK | If you are looking for hours upon hours of content to get lost in right now...may I suggest Love Island? Carina turned me on to this dating reality show which is not unlike many I've seen on American TV, with one small difference: everyone is British! Maybe it's silly just how much joy the accents, slang, and overall cultural nuances have brought me, but it is so great. All seasons are streaming on Hulu and I recommend you start with Season 5!

RuPaul's Drag Race | In these trying times, Drag Race has been the highlight of my week, every Friday. I am so glad this is on right now!! This show is so many amazing things wrapped into one: incredible make-up artistry, the best guest judges, Project Runway-esque competitions, lip sync performances to songs you love, prime reality tv drama, hilarious shade, and an entire new vocabulary of words and phrases you won't be able to stop saying. It's not to late to catch up and watch this season in real time! My favorites so far: Jackie Cox, Nicky Doll, and I think Jan is a favorite to win!

+ I should mention all the "trash shows for the background while I'm doing stuff" that I enjoy: Very Cavallari (hometown hero!), Siesta KeyLove is Blind (what a finale/reunion!), and The Hills: New Beginnings.

+ Kim Petras | Perfect spooky dance pop! I first got into her last Halloween, very on the nose, but her music is just as enjoyable for a kitchen dance party. Listen to: Icy, my first favorite, and Heart to Break, which was the lip sync on Drag Race last week!!

+ Dawes, in general | I'd been a casual Dawes fan until a really amazing show at the Ryman. I feel like their music is perfect for hanging out on your front porch, so hopefully that captures the vibe. Listen to: this Dawes playlist should get you set up!

+ Mirror Master - Young the Giant | We're big YTG fans in our house (fun fact: the song Mind Over Matter will always make me think of falling for Art) but it took me a while to really get into this album. The first four tracks are solid gold baby, with the rest of the album really hitting the spot right now as well. Listen to: Heat of the Summer - if we ever make it there, this is my Summer anthem.

+ r&b dinner party | I made this playlist a while back for a little dinner party, but we've really been enjoying it during, you know, social distancing dinner parties. A little old school, a little r&b on the radio right now, but completely smooth. Enjoy!!

+ Follow me on Spotify, where I'm always streaming something!

+ I've been living in loungewear, just like everybody else! A few favorites: Adidas leggings, a teddy pullover, slip-on Vans, a bigger the better sweatshirt. And a few new things that are not loungewear: a trendy purple swimsuit, thick gold hoop earrings, light wash jeans for Spring, a tank dress forever & ever. Linking to exact or similar in the widget below!
+ How about a little Springy wishlist, just for fun? Cheery lounge separates, the corduroy jumpsuit of my dreams, a block heel in a quintessential Spring color, always love a baseball tee, the coziest looking PJs, a poppy crossbody, a dress that screams tea party, the perfect pastel purse.
ETC. //
+ The Peloton App | I've mentioned this recently but it bears repeating, because it has been an absolute life saver during this quarantine!! Apart from the bike (which I don't have) Peloton Digital is loaded with guided runs and strength classes. I don't have access to a treadmill right now so I've been doing HIIT runs outside, lifting with free weights in my backyard a few times a week, and challenging myself to do a 10 min. core workout every day! Having an instructor taking you through a class is very motivating and so so much easier than trying to put together a workout on your own. Plus they're offering a free trial for the next 90 days!

+ A couple cozy quarantine recipesthis banana breadthis mushroom leek pasta, Art whipped up a chicken orzo soup using this stock recipe, and this Finnish cabbage casserole, a family favorite (just trust me!), is on deck for tonight!

+ I'm of course trying to read as much as I can during this time, so here's my current reading list: Becoming by Michelle Obama, which is making me fall in love with Michelle AND Barack, just finished My Friend Anna by Rachel Deloache Williams which you could read in one day, The Pelican Brief by John Gresham, call me your cheesy dad but it's great, and I'm on hold at the library for Jessica Simpson's memoir Open Book which I cannot waitttt for!

+ And a few more activity ideas for right now that don't involve watching TV (first round here): doing a puzzle, making & sending cards to friends, re-potting all your plants, going through your entire closet and listing unwanted items on Poshmark (tips for that here!), or painting a wall or room or rooms in your house.

Now more than ever, I would LOVE your recommendations of things to watch, read, listen to, etc! Fire away in the comments! 

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