6 Ways to Update Your Make-up for Summer / VLOG

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Ah, Summer beauty. There's just something about it! As soon as the weather starts heating up every year, I find myself switching up my make-up routine and reaching for different products for maximum GLOW. 

Today I'm sharing 6 of my favorite ways to update your make-up for Summer! There are some subtle changes you can make that will really help you achieve that effortless, sunkissed, dewy, no makeup-makeup look. 

This is how I've been doing my makeup for the last month or so, and yeah, I tried not to say glow too many times, but that's really what Summer makeup is all about! Get ready with me as I do a full face of make-up (skipping over parts that are not entirely relevant to this look) and share my favorite Summer beauty hacks and (mostly affordable) products. I'll also share mini reviews of some new products, and tips & tricks for application (that I've picked from watching so many hours of YouTube!!) 

If you have a favorite Summer beauty hack/product/tip, I would love to hear it! Let me know in the comments. 

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