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Curious about what a normal week looks like for me right now? I was too! I'm not promising I'm turning into a lifestyle vlogger, but I did feel inspired to film a "Week in the Life" vlog. As the final countdown to my 30th birthday hit, I found myself feeling very reflective and nostalgic, and just generally in my feelings. Not fearing turning 30, but rather, feeling the weight of a milestone birthday. 

Then I realized - I need to appreciate the little moments in my life right now. I firmly believe that eventually, (almost) everything is a memory that you look back on and miss. Plus, I know I'll be curious about what exactly was making up my days as an almost 30 year old. What better way than a little week in the life vlog! 

So spend the week with me as I hang with Ginny & Piper (my pups!), spend some time on set, cook dinner at home, share my nighttime skincare routine, pack for a trip home, AND share a few family surprises from our trip to California! Hope you enjoy it and please head over to YouTube to subscribe!
Vlog links:
Welcome to the OC, Bitches! https://open.spotify.com/show/4m9Y0HO...
Maybelline Lifter Gloss https://shopstyle.it/l/bvacX
Parks Project https://www.parksproject.us/

UntitledBy the way, my actual birthday (this past Saturday!) was a lovely, chill day. We rode bikes to the park, had a Rosé picnic, played darts at a local dive, and I ended the night singing Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman karaoke. With loads of sweet messages & calls from friends and family in between 💗

I've never been one for a birthday month or birthday week (or really big on birthdays, for that matter) buuuut I think I'm sold on the birthday week idea, because! Tomorrow we leave for Miami and Key West! I couldn't even feel disappointed when the actual day was over, knowing the most fun was still ahead :) photos and an outfit post for my birthday outfit ^ to come! 

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