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     Although the title suggests the maturity of an 8 year old, Hunter and I took a very classy date to the Frist Center this evening! Thursday and Friday after 5, college students get in fo' FREE with an ID. I love me some fine art and I especially love me some fine art at a discount. It's makes for a superb date night where you can act like you have millions to spend ("This painting would look lovely in the study next to our Monet, ahhaaa") but actually spend next to nothing (total spent on the date: $2 for parking).

Me feeling "Fristy" (bad joke)
Probably my best "do what the statue is doing" picture!

Like most museums, we weren't allowed to take pictures in the galleries. Also like most museums, the artwork began in the lobby! These pieces are part of a collection from around the world. 

Art by kids is the best! Love those labels.
This one is from India, so naturally I had to pose in front of it. 
Guess where this one is from. Japan, obvi. 

     I saw some paintings today I genuinely liked! The criteria for this was asking myself the question, "Would I like to hang this in my house?" I also decided my favorite era of art is the Impressionist because it's so pretty but also like maybe art I could do? Because it's a little blurry? My two favorites from today:
Ponte della Paglia by Maurice Prendergast, 1922. This painting takes place in Venice. I love all of the bright colors, but especially the ladies' hats and parasols! 
Blue Cafe by Stuart Davis, 1928. Don't you want this hanging in your kitchen? I do! This is quintessential kitchen art and I adore it. 

     Going to the Frist ended up like me going to the circus. Because, man I wish I were an artist! I wish I knew how to paint shadows and waves and rocks! Am I the only one that has Circus Syndrome (by that I mean when I go to the circus, I always want to run away with the circus)? 
But can contortionists go home and make this? 
And eat all of these, single-handedly?
Priya - 1, Circus- 0

& a happy weekend to all!

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