today i crashed on my bike

     TWICE. I'm good at bike riding, I swear. I have pretty good balance. What I am not good at is manuevering around things, I think I just panic. So today I was biking to Hunter's after class, and someone had left a giant garbage bin on the sidewalk. I said to myself, "Ok Priya, let's slip in between the bin and the drop-off next to the sidewalk. " I dismounted but still had my legs around my bike, and tried to carefully steer around the bin, next thing I know my bike topples over and I go careening down a hill into someone's yard, falling flat on my face. I even stopped a nice concerned man in his car, but I just waved him away.
     On my way back, I was riding up a hill and stopped to try and get my phone out to call a friend (I frequently multi-task while riding my bike). Once again my bike swerved, fell over, and subsquently so did I, falling down the hill and into a fence.
     And these were both before Zumba! Now I feel really worn out, banged up, and I have a fat knee.
     So I leave you with this! I love Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy (although why WHY couldn't she have been Ivy Blue? Way better)! This made seriously lol. Thanks to Shel for the recommendation.

(This isn't the full version, but you can find it on Hulu). 

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