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     "Wherever you are, be all there." - Jim Elliot. 
     My brother, nurse extraordinare, had this quote up on his wall and it's really been in my head the past few days. True confessions: I am a busy bee. Being fully present in a situation and investing my time completely into where I am and who I'm with is something difficult for me. So far this week, I've been focusing on enjoying time spent with close friends, more family (cannot escape), and even just myself. This post has already begun much deeper than intended! And definitely different than my usual "I love everything!" tone (side note: I do love everything) but that is something that has been on my mind lately. And if I could spend everyday like I have been, I would!!

Tuesday I went to see my best friend Jenae! I had never been to Emeryville (where she lives now) but it rocks! 
 These guys asked me to take their picture...congrats guys, you even made it on my BLOG!
 I found my namesake restaurant and I wanted to try and get free food but I didn't have an i.d. 
We had Cokes in glass bottles and they were PERFECT. 
We also got to see Jenae's sister Jesse and her babe, Freddy. Jesse rocks although Freddy is less cordial to me because I think I confuse him. 
Jenae also helped me in my quest to make a fun, golf-themed birthday cake for Sundar (the golfer). I am into amateur cake-decorating (more Cake Novice than Cake Boss) 
 We surprised Sundar with the cake last night. I realize this isn't the best picture, but this is literally the back of my head the moment I jumped out and said "Surprise!" I think he liked it, he didn't finish his piece. On that note, I'm going to get some cake.

     Back with a huge piece of cake. Today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I spent the day in Santa Cruz with my dear friend Jacqui, where I picked up these sunflowers from TJ's. 
In retrospect, that card/placard may be a little obnoxious and hard to read. 
What I planned to do this afternoon: go on a run, ride my bike to the park with Tuppy, sit outside.
What I am preparing to do: eat cake on the couch on watch episode 2 of The Bachelorette
Have a lovely afternoon!

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