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Not to detract from the other ones, of course.

ATTENTION EVERYONE: My brother Sundar's friend, Chris Cooke, is staying at our house for a few days before he begins a bike trip across the country! Seriously!
   Chris, who is originally from Hampton, VA, became friends with Sundar during their freshman year at Virginia Tech. As he says (completely out of context), "I had no choice but to be his friend." Chris graduated from VT in December with a degree in Civil Engineering. He plans to start law school this fall.
   However, this summer, Chris is participating in "Journey of Hope", a bike ride across the country organized by his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, in partnership with Push America. Chris will be riding with about 30 other guys along the "North Route" through Salt Lake City, Denver, Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and ending in Washington, D.C. on August 5th. 
   The purpose of the bike ride is to raise awareness for people with (primarily physical) disabilities. Along the way, Chris & friends will be stopping for cookouts, wheelchair basketball, and other special programs to connect with those that they are riding for. 
   The group takes off this Wednesday from San Francisco and will be riding an average of 70 miles a day! Chris will be sleeping on a sleeping bag and a pool floatie at night. The group's fundraising goal for the summer is $600,000, and they're not there yet! 

This all to say, YOU can get involved by making a donation, here. Additionally, keep Chris and his group in your prayers this summer! 
 Oh, Chris is also a very talented musician! We're trying to get him to play for us while he's here. Care for a listen?

I leave you with an inspiring word from Chris, “Take advantage of opportunities put in your life. I never planned to go to law school or do this bike ride, but sometimes things like this come up. There's a thousand excuses not to do it, but take a step of faith and do it!” He rocks. 

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