3 Updates to My Wardrobe (and yours!)

   I suppose I shouldn't be pretentious enough to suggest how you should update your wardrobe, but here are three things I'm excited to be wearing (as I shop my closet --> don't spend money on clothes so I can pay my rent).

1. Velvet. I sported a great number of velvet items in my younger days, and now velvet is totally BACK everyone! Three cheers!
Black is absolutely classic but I'm keeping an eye out for some navy blue or dark plum. 

2. "Unconventional" Maxi skirt. Maxi skirts are taking the world by storm. Equal parts cool (temperature) and chic, they are great for looking fab but surprisingly casual. I'm still dying for a classic black jersey or stripey one that isn't too long for me. But in the meantime, I'll continue to get creative and wear all my crazy Indian skirts and pretend they're maxis. 

3. Silk blouse. Silk is SO comfortable, classy, and quickly passing chiffon as one of my favorite fabrics to wear. You could spend about $100 to get one of these babies at Madewell, or about 3 Euros at a thrift store in Finland (or anywhere, people). Silk blouse + pencil skirt = summer intern wardrobe. 
Thanks to Steph for the awesome pictures! Your new camera is a winner.

Well I'm back in the Bay after a crazy fun 1.5 day trip to SLO (more, soon). The next couple days will be busy busy as my little brothers are graduating and I'm finishing my little to-do list before I head back to Nashville! Happy weekend everyone! 


JenaeM said...

You're so sitnkin' gorgeous. Love the silk blouse (pronounced Nacho Libre-esque).

Priya said...

Thank youuuu! and thank you :)

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