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Happy Monday to all! This week is going to be a bit weird because a certain boy I like alot has left me on vacation. Nonetheless, I am determined to be both confident and productive, and I am equipped with strategies for both.

I'm on a quest to use every random mug in this office. Today's was courtesy of Waterford Village. Having coffee (or tea) is a great way to start off the day. It makes me feel energized, adult, and like I'm about to have a terrific day at the office.

Today I'm debuting my new denim trousers from Gap! Every girl needs a pair of "confidence slacks", and these are definitely mine (shout-out to Stephanie who introduced this concept to me). 

I have a list of goals for the week that I started in my head last night. I don't believe this qualifies as "interesting content" for my blog, it's more to keep myself accountable (and YOU can keep me accountable as well). Whatever goes on my blog is law, so hopefully blogging it will keep me motivated! 
1. Eat right and practice moderation- This means cooking with what I've purchased for dinner, packing a healthy, balanced lunch, and eating a good breakfast. This also means no donuts for lunch, and s'mores in multiples of one. 
2. Read a book- I am slightly embarrassed to say what book I started yesterday...Confessions of a Shopaholic. But I like reading across all genres and now it's time for chick-lit. I'd like to have it finished by the end of the week. Review to follow. 
3. Excercise daily- Because this has completely fallen by the wayside! This includes running, zumba, racquetball, a long bike ride. Does not include walking to the bus stop or the mall during my lunch.
4. Finish unpacking & settling into garage completely- I need to stop by my real house to get hangers, because chiffon dresses and silk blouses can only be slung over a rack for so long (retrospect, silk should never be "slung". Shame on me). I won't bore you with the rest of these details. 
5. Enjoy girl time & house time- I'm looking forward to a great girl's night, as well as hanging out with my housemates more! 
6. Be on top of things at work- i.e. work hard on all my little projects and less on reading blogs, shopping online, etc. Continue to connect with co-workers. Don't constantly check the clock. Deviate from "Billboard Top anything" playlists on Spotify. 
7. Sleep- Simple, and yet so hard to do. I'd like to be in bed by a reasonable hour so I can get up feeling great and have time to get ready in the morning and catch the bus without being rushed and write terrific run-on sentences. 
8. Be a blessing to others & not a pain in the butt- There are a million ways that this could go. I'd like to be pleasant, not whiny, helpful, friendly, and genuinely care about others and what they're doing. 

There you have it. We'll check back with this at the end of the week. Permission granted to reprimand me.
sleep sleep sleepfruits-and-vegetables
Working on a Confidence playlist. Here's what I have so far:
1. I'm the Best- Nicki Minaj
2. I Have Confidence- Maria (from The Sound of Music)
3. Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson
4. I'm Coming Out- Diana Ross
5. We Are The Champions- Queen
6. Only Prettier- Miranda Lambert
7. PYT- Michael Jackson
8. Best I Ever Had- Drake
9. Stronger- Britney Spears

There you have it, folks. What is something that makes you feel confident and/or productive?

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