life this week

This is the face of a 21 year old lady, you guys.

With a real-life adult JOB (for proof, see me modeling my time card and security swipey card. I'm kinda a big deal around here.)

   My first week back in Nashville has been extrememly eventful. First off, I started my internship, and so far I am loving it. I can't deny I'm really getting into "business casual" experimentation, and taking suggestions from a certain classic, preppy guy, which subsequently makes me feel like Elle Woods when she stops wearing pink to try and look professional and ends up just feeling boring. A day like a prep is a-ok but tomorrow I'll probably break out another crazy yellow skirt or patterned shoes.

Also looking for a heart-shaped notebook and small dog. I'll try to get a business casual post up soon.

   Oh and the job! I am thoroughly enjoying my little list of projects, gorgeous office (sometimes I let them use it as a conference room too, see above), new friends who all have kids about my age, water cooler gossip, drinking coffee out of random mugs, packing my lunch, writing on a legal pad, etc.

   Additionally this week I have discovered Spotify (last 3 tracks, "Born & Raised"- John Mayer, "Back To The Crib"- Chris Brown, "Boyfriend"- Justin Bieber) turned 21, gone to the CMT Music Awards, and moved into a garage, all of which cannot be justified in this post.

I loved being at home. And so far I'm loving being back in Nashville as well. I feel pretty good :)

AND would love to hear what you're up to as well! Drop me a line!


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