DIY disasters

   Major disclaimer: I am not a crafty person. I was the kid who begged their 5th grade teacher to do their art projects in class. I am terribly at DIY. So if that's what you're looking for in a blog...visit Kelsey, because she is a goddess at that kind of stuff.

   Still want to read my blog? Ok, phewf.
   So this weekend, my lovely (and holy heck- CRAFTY) housemates decided to use old wood and paint to make some sweet decor for their new apartment. I watched tenatively, occassionally walking through the living room to make some dumb comment or yell "Everyone hates me!" (commonplace at our house). I wanted desperately to make something for MY new house, but heres the thing about me making crafts-they suck. I am confident in my other life-skills (hula-hooping, journaling, taste-testing, cherry-stem-tying-in-my-mouth) to confess this to you.
   After much encouragement from my housies, I decided on a simple quote, with two colors of paint, employing the sticker method. This to me is like crafts for dummies. Simply paint a piece of wood, use stickers to write out your words, paint over it another color, remove the stickers, and you have some gorgeous art. As if this weren't thrilling enough for me, I decided to make it a two year anniversary (next month!!!) present for Hunter, using my a quote from my favorite Coldplay song, "Strawberry Swing."
   Only I could ruin a project this simple. Seriously, only ME. I painted my second layer too thick, so when I tried to pull the stickers off, everything just came off in globs. I sat in church Sunday morning trying desperately to focus but instead was seething about the fury of crafting-gone-wrong. Nevertheless, I pulled together my resolve and decided ultimately to free-hand the heck out of that quote. I present to you the fruits of my labor.
    I really hope he likes it, or at least it's one of those things that is endearing so he keeps it around. He may not even recognize this quote...but I think it's just about the sweetest ever. Definitely check out the song "Strawberry Swing" if you haven't already, by this little indie band called Coldplay? Jokes.
   So then I thought, well that turned out decent, let's make another!
    Pretty much my personal mantra, see what you can make when stickers go RIGHT?!
   Then I decided to get crazy and use some stencils. Simply could not resist some sparkly paint either. Yes, this quote is from a Mika song, but generally, I'm all about loving the day, so I think this will be a great reminder over my door.

   There you have it folks, my first and probably last DIY post. Feel free to leave comments, although not hateful, or guess what? I'll be tempted to break that Love Today sign over your head, which totally defeats the purpose of the sign!
   In other news: listening to Celine Dion today. How is it that her music can make me so happy and so sad at the same time? She is amazing. I did see the Katy Perry movie yesterday...I've pretty much been feeling like a firework since then. That deserves its' own blog post, but in the meantime: GO SEE IT!
   Lastly, the most exciting piece of news (probably of the year) is that I just booked TWO flights home, to California for Thanksgiving. Why two? Well, because I take up two seats. Jokes again. Hunter is FINALLY coming home with me and getting to meet my family. To say I am excited is an understatement. Just wanted to keep you updated on that because I will probably be talking about it A LOT in the coming months. November 16th just can't come soon enough! I am especially happy because we found pretty decent flights through Southwest (I think they're running a sale right now, go get it)! I had been pretty stressed about finding a flight home, but this really worked out and I am incredibly happy.

   So Happy Tuesday everyone! I am thankful and feeling pretty happy. 


Carina said...

This is hilarious punky. I love you even though you suck at crafts. What kind of blogger are you? You will never bring your family honor!

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see the katy perry movie! Your quotes turned out so cute! sticky letters are the absolute best, my favorite are american crafts remarks care of hobby lobby ;)

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I try to pretend that I am a great DIY-er too! Love the sayings on these boards!

Priya said...

haha I love you Pooks!

Priya said...

Oh gosh, you will LOVE the movie. I could see it again because there is so much to see! And honestly, it makes me feel totally different about Katy (now we're on a first-name basis). And thank you! That means a lot coming from you, Miss Crafty! I do need to make a trip to the Hobby Lobby, maybe after I recover from these crafts!

Priya said...

It's more legit if you're not a superb crafter anyway! Thanks for coming by Jessica!

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