tales from the 4th!

My 4th of July started eaaarlyy at the Firecracker 5K, where Hunter was racing.
 I would not have been as much of a champ running in that humidity. I thought I could win first place for being the cutest cheerleader...but then I saw these kids.
Ohhh I love babies of all ages.

I spent most of the day at a BBQ/pool party (because what else would I do on the 4th of July?) alternating between eating basically everything (grilled chicken, strawberries, cake cookies with cream cheese frosting) and jumping in and out of the pool because it was super HOT! And speaking of super hot, my friend Shelby even came!
Love her. I also love BBQs.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't nap for about 2 hours yesterday and it was delicious. I pretty much always have crazy dreams, yesterday's were so bizarre (something about a weird hotel) that I woke up really confused. I blame it on watching the movie "1408" with my housemates...like three weeks ago.

In the evening we headed downtown for what Hunter promised would be "the most amazing firework show you have ever seen."
Truly spectacular, and definitely the loudest fireworks I have ever seen. Well done, Nashville.

Reflections of July 4th: I love America. I loved having a 4th in the south. Must make cake batter cookies, soon. Should also continue working on my terrible bandeau tanlines (prompted by comment: "It looks like you're wearing two swimsuits!") Next year I will make my own patriotically painted shorts and generally better holiday outfit. The Where's Waldo tank just didn't cut it.

As if I'm not already in a weird what-day-is-it-yesterday-felt-like-Saturday funk, guess who decided to leave me for a vacation, again?! I've made an extensive list of things to do until next Monday, which includes: make pancakes for dinner (tonight), look for a waitressing job in my new neighborhood, excercise, finish "The Girl Who Played With Fire" begin "Three Cups of Tea", finish my arts & crafts...basically stay busy so I don't miss my buddy.

I hope everyone had a very wonderful 4th of July! If we all work together, we can survive the mini-rest of this week AND make it enjoyable. 


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Waso, that sounds like a fantastic day! The bbq particularly sounds deeeelish :)


Priya said...

Thanks Marie! It was...maybe a little TOO good

Unknown said...

WTF was Wade doing in that music city July 4th picture. Awkward.

Unknown said...

WTF was Wade doing in that music city July 4th picture. Awkward.

Priya said...

is THE Mike Yang really leaving me a comment on my blog?! Life made. And Mike, I know. I saw that picture and I was like "WADE!?" Although I'm not entirely surprised, he does weird praying mantis/velociraptor stuff all the time. Thanks for coming by my blog!

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