you're going to Jackson, go comb your hair!

   As much as I wish I were going to THAT Jackson (in the Johnny Cash song) I have spent this week in Jackson, TN. Equally fabulous. Especially because I've been on a super fancy business trip. 
   Great song, and definitely worth a listen. 

   What exactly have I been doing this week? You mean besides eating TONS of food, loving the Doubletree hotel life, bribing myself with terrible reality T.V. shows to workout, visiting every home store in a 10 mile radius and hanging out with my boss/BFF Suz day in and day out? Well...no actually that's all I have been doing this week.
   My "boss", Suz (although she laughs when I call her that), is the director of marketing/training at the company I work at. In addition to all that fun, she gets to do the decorating in the clubhouses/model homes at the company's properties. So this week we are entirely re-doing a clubhouse and I cannot WAIT to show you guys what we've been working on. I think it looks fabulous and it has completely put me in a decorating mood for when I get to move into my new house (in about a month)! 
   I'm off to go enjoy my king size bed, room set at a chill 65 degrees and complimentary water bottles. The business trip life is all about being fabulous and you should all know by know how I love being fabulous. 


Nataly said...

Hahah what a lovely job you have!! That sounds like an awesome week!! You're still in school right? I think I read you're in your last year? What's your major may I ask? Enjoy that hotel life! :-) and I look forward to seeing the clubhouse! When I was younger I lived in apartments that had a clubhouse and we would always throw awesome birthday parties by the poolside and then ate loads of pizza in the clubhouse!

And thank you so much for the tips omg I need them! I'll definitely remember them! Sometimes, you just have one of those days (or weeks...)!

tsbjf said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!

Priya said...

Thanks for reading Nataly! I am in my last year and I am a Business Marketing major. I think this clubhouse turned out so fancy that it may be the end of pizza parties! But I'm glad you know exactly what I am talking about!

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