my (last) first day of school

   That day was today. It's a pretty weird feeling. To think that I'll never really have a first day again. And I had to do this because I love this kinda stuff.
Here I am on my very first trip to Lipscomb, way back in 2007. 
And here I am today on my last first day of school ever! I look pretty much exactly the same. This one's for you mom!

   I know I'm not the only one starting school, so to all the students out there: here's to a great year!


Ali W. said...

Haha I love the "This one's for you mom!" She will be so proud of you! haha.

Priya said...

I love a classic first day of school picture! Thanks Ali!

Alexa said...

Aww! i totally know how you feel! Last Thursday was my last first day of high school! i can't believe i'm a senior! college here i come! haha :) good luck to you! I hope you have the most wonderful school year filled with lots of fun and excitement!

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Thank you Alexa, you're sweet! Same to you, make the most out of your last year of high school! I feel like I was just there!

Renae Shah said...

WOW! I remember that 1st trip! Praying you have an amazing last year! Zoe will be there in 8 years!!

Priya said...

It's crazy isn't it? I could have mentioned your name AND put a few more pictures in this post from my first days at Lipscomb :) thanks Renae, and I hope so!!

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