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   The alternate title for this entry is: The Post With A Million Pictures Of Me. I guess this blog is called Perfectly Priya, and who knows, this could be a fun walk down memory lane!

   Anyone who has a Mac and tells you that they don't use their photobooth is a liar. I am basing this off  of: a) my obscene amount of photobooth pictures and b) the sheer joy that I see from people when I say "Let's take a picture!" I like it because it's an easy way to get a quick picture, and looking back it makes a little scrapbook of my college life so far. Now presenting, My Life in Photobooth.
This is probably a few weeks after I got my computer. I love this picture because I am literally packing for college (the night before I left, mind you) in the background while Katie & Tim provide encouragement. 
Freshman year- I hated Economics.
I stole this little Bison from Dith's roommate and we laughed about it all year.
This was when my roommate Amanda turned 18. We were just babies!
This is one of MANY pictures taken in the Athlete's study hall we had to go to. And we always got in trouble. 
Another day in study hall, trying to look studious. This day will forever be remembered as "the best bang day of my life."
I desperately wanted this to be our Christmas card. Season's Greetings from Elam Hall Room 330!
 Typical. We had a lot of fun.
Christmas at home <3
I was so excited when it snowed for my first year in college!I thought it was normal Tennessee.
 Spring Break! We went wild & wore matching pajamas.
 Summer after Freshman year- I found these glasses at our house and made my brother put them on.
 Rachel & I! 
 I went to my brother's passing tournament and got a TERRIBLE sunburn.
 Sophomore Year- In the airport, on the way back to Nashville! With an apple!
 Typical morning working my desk job in the dorm.
 Classic moment with my best friends.
One night we had ALL these girls stay in our room.
 I made a heart-shaped jack-o-lantern.
 When we got our matching best friend rings.
 I love my astronaut costume!
 This was after the camping trip when I almost died. 
 Note- this was not on Halloween. One night I made Hunter Asian food. 
 Snuggie love with my roomie.
 Mother's Day- backwards and upside-down. And she STILL loved it (via skype)!
Cleaning out my room Soph year. Found these vampire teeth.
Summer after Soph year- I got my "last teenage manicure" and then turned 20!
I house-sat several times with this rascal, Sassy. 
Hunter & my 11 month anniversary (celebrated over Skype). Wow, that feels like forever ago.
I was cleaning my room at home one time...look who I found chillin! Scary Spice!
 Junior year- Idk what this was, but not like we need an occassion to dress up!
Halloween- our best costume ideas ever.
 Filming our Media Law project over Thanksgiving Break.
 That one time I dressed up as a Hillbilly to win a Nordstrom's gift card and I DIDN'T EVEN WIN.
This is what I looked like literally every morning at 7am doing my desk job.  
 Summer after Junior year- Carina the little peanut getting dominated by Helmi in Finland.
 Vegas, baby. I felt like Katy Perry.
Every single photobooth picture we take together makes me look like a weird kid, but Hunter is adorable, so here you go. 

   Wow, if you made it through all those pictures, you deserve an award. I'm getting all weird and sentimental because I'm about to start my Senior year of college. I don't even know how I feel. Things were wild & different when I moved out to TN at first, but now it feels like normal life. These past 3 years have all been so different, but a blast in their own way. And now pretty soon I'll have to be completely grown up and not a student anymore! Uhh, I think I'll probably have to be extra crazy this year (relax Mom, my idea of crazy is wearing matching pj's and dressing like a Hillbilly).

Oh one more thing, I linked up with another blogger, Shane, to get on a blogger map here. Hoping to connect to some more girls in TN! Link yourself up and make some new bloggy friends!


ellakii sedgwick said...

sweetie you look adorable!!many kisses from,

Nataly said...

Ahahaha, these were so great!!! Love them! I wish I had a cool/fun college life after looking at these..with the whole moving away/dorm life/etc )-': And I love my mac with it's handy photobooth :-P You & your boyfriend are so cute 2gether, as always!

Okay girl, THE OLYMPICS ARE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. I think it'd be super super cool to swim awesome and amazing like Phelps or Missy Franklin, but I don't think I would like the "buff-ness" so maybe cycling would be cool or equestrian (but only the rich princesses/princes do this...) I HEARD THAT!! Olympics in Brazziiiilll. Let's all do blogger meet-up in Rio & you+yourbf will shoot and we'll cheer you on!!


Katie said...

you are so cute! and these pictures are so fun!!

Priya said...

Thanks for your sweet comment & thanks for stopping by!

Priya said...

Thanks Katie!!

Priya said...

We could also try fencing, how hard could that be? I love that you said only royalty do equestrian activities, ha! Thanks Nataly! Look through your photobooth, it is kinda like a scrapbook even if you dont' realize it! Also, I want to meet Missy Franklin. She seems like the nicest person, ever.

JenaeM said...

You hate me.

Priya said...

I don't hate you! I have soooo many pictures of you on my photobooth and I even had one in my rough draft, but they're all really goofy or you're pretending to be pregnant. I didn't know if you would want that posted.

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