casual Saturday in the alleyway

   Is this outfit post-worthy? Absolutely not. But guess what? It's Saturday, I'm working in my house and watching college football. I wish I could tell you, "It's a casual Saturday and I am sporting black velvet pants rolled up and a gingham button-up and a floppy hat" (actually, that combo sounds a little cray) but NOPE no velvet, gingham, or floppy hats in this weekend. 
sunglasses- from Lipscomb, baseball t- c/o Jenae, shorts- Gap, Keds- c/o Carina's friend bracelet- handmade
Even Hunter said, "You seriously want me to take pictures of this outfit?" I didn't get mad at him because, what can I say, he's really learned a lot about fashion blogging. But I do say "Hunter, I want to show my readers that I am versatile and realistic."
How fabulous is this new picture spot, located right behind my new house? If I edit out the giant trashcans, it looks like I'm on a cool artsy street.
Also, Hunter is getting sorta AMAZING at taking pictures! I am so impressed! He's also getting very bossy like, "Priya, walk down the street and look at me." Bossy Hunter = great pictures.
I'd like to pretend that I'm "one day late on college colors day" (because I definitely didn't wear Lipscomb colors yesterday) except for I have zero connection to Harvard, minus this super comfy shirt my best friend handed down to me.
One thing actually notable is my NEW bracelet! I bought this from a waitress at my restaurant who made it, how cool is that? I'm a sucker for jewelry and I was happy to support my friend, especially since I think this bracelet is awesome. I'm convinced that I can wear it with everything, because I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it on Thursday. Kinda ew. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these beauties, let me know!

   So I'm knee-deep in this weekend and lovin' it. Back to college football, I suppose. 


Alexa said...

you look amazing even in a top and shorts <3 how is it that your hair is always soo perfect and adorable! hope you had a good saturday

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Alexa, you are so sweet thank you so much!

Marie-Eve said...

Cute casual outfit !
My Blog - A Pretty Nest

Kelly said...

love it! I love your blog.

This outfit is great, I especially love the sunglasses and your bracelete. Good call on the braid!

following :)



Priya said...

Thank you! And thanks for coming by!

Priya said...

Ahh hooray! Thank you so much Kelly!

The Braided Bandit said...

I love the spot! The arching trees are great and you can even see a flower tree in the back. Thanks for actually participating in the question asked on my blog, I love seeing cool places where others live! My mom has been texting me non stop pictures of sunsets and she keeps saying "this is to use on your blog". She misunderstood the prompt a bit and thought I was asking for people to submit sunset pictures haha!
Hope you're having a great day!
xo Hannah

JenaeM said...

How did that shirt ever fit on my body? Sometimes I wonder about things that I buy. You are adorable. I love you. Carry on.

JenaeM said...

How did that shirt ever fit on my body? Sometimes I wonder about things that I buy. You are adorable. I love you. Carry on.

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