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   Especially because my blog is called "perfectly PRIYA", it may come as a shock to you that I am not, in fact, perfect. I like to think of myself as passionate (which is a nicer way to say moody). Lately in attempt to better myself I have been trying really hard to be level-headed and calm.
   Do you ever write things on your hand as a reminder to yourself? Of course, the typical "clothes for Aerobics" reminder is classic, but I'm talking about deeper reminders that you can apply throughout the day. On my even keel quest, I have adopted several mantras: think AWYS and CMEIB. 
   The average person says about 9000 words per day, which means that I probably say close to a million. The amount of words, especially without thinking, that I say astounds me. This is addressed by mantra #1: Think about what you say. Seems so simple, and it probably is. By thinking about what I say before I say it, I can actually contemplate "Is this a smart thing to say? Is this a nice thing? Am I edifying someone? Am I actually contributing?"
   Mantra #2 was given to me by my roommate/best friend who suggested "Control my emotions I'm beautiful." I love her. And I should be in control, more than I actually am.
   This week I've absolutely been runnin' crazy. But I wanted to make sure and document the little things that have really caught my attention.
I came briefly on Monday to find this little giftie on my bed. My housemates are the sweetest and we get along great! Last night they watched the Katy Perry movie on DVD while I did a business paper (all my willpower. BOO). 
I do NOT want to be that girl that takes the pictures of her coffee. But, I do want to say that I've been drinking coffee a LOT lately and it has been so nice! I almost feel stupid at how much that little pick-me-up really picks me up! This combo = the dream team.
My planner, my third arm. Writing things down makes everything seem more organized. Mine is a Moleskine and I love it!
I had to capture the gloriousness of the weather yesterday afternoon (continuing today, we are lucky)! I got to wear BOOTS and it was COMFY. Beautiful autumn makes me so happy.

   So, life is pretty great. Thank you all for your kind comments!


The Braided Bandit said...

Aww this post is so sweet and inspiring! I never thought to write little reminders like that on my hand. Mine should say "Don't enter chipotle". haha. I also love hearing about you and your roomies, it makes me miss my house/ roommates from the end of college so much!
Lastly, coffee is amazing, and I know I can depend on that nice happy place for at least an hour or 2 every day- with an aunt annie's pretzel, that seems like the best thing ever!
xo Hannah

Elana said...

It's so nice to get little glimpses into your "real" life (as opposed to a fake one? You know what I mean. Right??). And you are obviously crazy busy! Good job keeping up with it all. And you're so lucky to have such sweet roommates! That's adorable. And YAY for coffee and planners!

Priya said...

Ha I love your reminder Hannah! Living in this house is pretty great. It's still new to me so it's really excting too! And yes, I wholeheartedly recommend the coffee/pretzel combo!

Priya said...

I totally know what you mean :) thanks Elana!!

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