Fall may or may not be almost kinda here. We had some gorgeous fall-like weather this weekend, and I knew girls across the world would be in tizzy pretending that it is full-fledged autumn, in boots and sweaters. Well we're not quite there yet. Please don't wear Uggs when it is 70+ degrees out, you're making me vom. 
necklace- Tiffany's, button-up- Urban Outfitters, dress- Old Navy, shoes- Rite Aid
I'm no stranger to the shirt OVER dress look (aka my first outfit post ever), and I am also with the multitude of girls trying to force fall fashion prematurely. The easiest way to do this is wear plaid, roll and tie it up for temperature reasons, and add some floral. 
Hunter's thoughts on this outfit, "Yeah, you look nice. I didn't know you could wear plaid and floral together, it doesn't seem like it matches. But you said that's ok now right?" Smart man, making me the fashion authority in his life!
Did I mention I cut my bangs this weekend and I'm feeling insecure? It was TIME people, I could not even see. I always feel like a dorky kid on picture day when I first cut them. Oh well, I kinda am.

   I am now in the midst of The Pajama Game! We had our first rehearsal last night, and I can honestly say I am very excited! Our director said it's her goal to make sure everyone has a line. Thank goodness, I can be a star! My part is technically "Factory Worker", but the girls are calling themselves "Factory Divas", I am totally down with that. One month from now we will be in dress-rehearsals, so this is going to be the fastest show I have ever been in! It's gonna be a busy month! I can already feel my musical-senses warming up, I woke up singing "It's A Hard-Knock Life" this morning! 

   P.S. Really enjoying getting into some new blogs. You people are fabulous! Have an excellent Tuesday!


The Dragonfruit said...

Oh this outfit is so cute! Great way to mix prints - use the same color palette. Loving the floral and plaid together :)

Trendy Teal

Alexa said...

love this! the prints work so well together and a shirt over a dress is always the way to go! so i have no idea why but i guess I never read your whole about me thing and i didn't know you were from the bay! that's soo crazy! we are bay area buddies! hehe :) also i know you commented on my post asking about college and i figure you would have a better chance of seeing my answer if i replied here! so i'm applying to a lot of colleges in california (almost all the uc schools and some private schools in socal and of course stanford-for my parents haha) and i'm applying to a few schools on the east coast and a few random ones like university of oregon and university of arizona! I still have to narrow my list down! haha okay this is a super long comment! anyways, great post! hope you had an amazing tuesday!

Alexa <3

Unknown said...

I LOL'ed at girls being in a tizzy over fall and whipping out the boots and all. Summer is my favorite season so I get a kick out of those girls too. This look is great! I love the mixed prints in the same color scheme and I'm glad the boy knows who is the fashion expert!

xo Jenny
P.S. I just took pics in my new target wedges, gonna post soon!

Priya said...

Thanks so much!

Priya said...

Thanks Alexa! Hooray for the Bay! Sounds like you already have everything figured out for college (you're way ahead of where I was)! You've got a great list going! I would encourage you to really think about school outside of CA, it's an adventure, but so worth it to try something new!

Priya said...

Oh my gosh, today in a span of 5 minutes I saw TWO girls wearing over-the-knee boots! The high today was 82! What is wrong with everyone?! Thanks for your comment Jenny, can't wait to see what you did with the wedges, they're kinda stumping me!

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