the skirt I want to wear every day for the rest of my life

   Alternate title for this post: the classiest way to wear sweats, ever. Because, I wore sweats to church on Sunday (my mom would kill me?) I also wore sweats yesterday, when I wore this. Because this skirt is MADE OF SWEATS PEOPLE!
necklace- 31 Bits from Jacqui, leather cuff- handmade, shirt- vintage c/o Brynn, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft, shoes- Target
I found this Saturday when I wandered into Ann Taylor Loft. I've been in there a bunch of times but never actually bought anything. Until I saw this skirt. And said, I want to wear this everyday.
Subsequently I have worn it two days in a row, so that kinda counts. It is incredibly comfy, and I feel really sneaky because really I'm just wearing sweatpants, but everyone else thinks I'm wearing wearing a skirt. You fools.
I've written about this necklace before, but just so you know: it's awesome and for a good cause (and makes a great gift, thanks Jacqui!) check out 31 Bits if you haven't already! My bracelet, that I love everytime I remember to wear it, was made by a girl I work with. How cool is that? It's really gorgeous leather. Let me know if you interested in buying one!!
Pictures taken by my housie Mariel, as the dull morning light caressed my face. 
My final pair of new shoes from that time I got rid of a pair of shoes and consoled myself with three more! I have been wanting bootie/wedges exactly like this FOREVER, so when I saw them at Target in my size, I knew it was fate and I didn't think twice. I'm wearing them again today :O (Side note: I didn't plan on my socks showing, but since you asked: they're my American flag socks. I told you I was a history buff).

   Hope everyone is having a fantastic day already! Mine's pretty good, I had blueberry waffles (well, toaster waffles) for breakfast, and I got a B on my physics test I took last week! Wahoo!


Larissa said...

I love the shoes, I love the shirt, I love the skirt and I still love your hair :)
Have a great day! It's getting late in Germany and I am eating dinner now :)


Lesley Kim said...

super adorable outfit! i love your booties!

Do you want to follow each other?

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

This is such a ME outfit: chambray, comfy bottoms, and those chic booties! I need to recreate this ASAP! Love it lady!

LEIGH said...

Oh it looks so comfortable and yet you dressed it up perfectly! I love the wedges with it!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahahaha, how ingenious to have a sweats skirt! It look so comfy and so chic!


The Braided Bandit said...

Oh good, a chance to leave creepy double-comments on your blog! But I couldn't not remark on how much I am loving the denim and comfy skirt- anything that I can classify as wearing sweatpants disguised is cool with me. I also saw those shoes or ones very similar at Target the other day and had to fully restrain myself from putting them in my cart- I have similar MIA wedges I got last year in grey and LOVE them!
xo Hannah

Priya said...

Ah thank you Larissa! That's wild, hope you had a great NIGHT :)

Priya said...

Such a compliment from you Jessica! Thank you! I can't wait to see your recreation!

Elly said...

The skirt looks sooo comfy, and I love the shoes! New follower! :)

Miss Doyle said...

Cute, cute boots! And a shirt kind of like the one you're wearing here is on my "Next Month's Budget" wish list. :-P

Alexa said...

that skirt loooks soo amazingly comfy! and its sooo much cuter than sweatpants! love this look! that top is soo cute and the booties are adorable <3 you always look absolutely stunning and perfect!

Alexa <3

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