fall date ideas

   It's October. The month that is quintessentially fall. 

My mind has been swimming with all the fall activities that I find mandatory, and because I'll probably be doing them with my buddy Hunter, I've made a list of fall dates. 

- visit a pumpkin patch/pick one out (done!)
pumpkin patch #pumpkin
- go to a haunted house :/
Haunted House

- attend a costume party (bonus: matching costumes!)
- pick apples at an apple orchard
apples apples apples
- carve a pumpkin
- attend farmer's markets (one in my neighborhood AND downtown) (done!)
Kingfield Farmers Market
- check out the flea market
Brooklyn flea market
- bake something pumpkin (pie, bread, pancakes, cupcakes) (done!)

Fresh Pumpkin Pie

- go on a picnic


- have a "porch date"
Porch traditional porch

What are your favorite fall date ideas? Please share them with me! 


Katherine said...

you're totally making me miss my husband! we loved doing a lot of these things - i really want to go apple picking but by the time me moves back in it will be basically december! these all look so fun

<3 katherine

Lublyou said...

awww i really want to go on a date now! great list haha especially the haunted house idea ;-)

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I love your Fall date ideas! I hope the boy and I get a chance to go camping, and we already have a horseback riding date in the works for our 3 year anniversary! What are you going to be for Halloween?? I bet you will be adorable!

Elana said...

Aw, I'm so glad you posted this. Since we live in such a small town, T.J. and I always struggle to find new things to do (though we did go to an apple orchard last weekend). I'm definitely going to convince him that we need to bake and carve pumpkins. ASAP.

LEIGH said...

I want to be tweedle dee and tweedle dum for halloween! And I so want to go to a pumpkin patch :)

Unknown said...

You fall list!
- Monica
Caravan of Style

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

These are all fantastic ideas!!! I will be doing the Haunted House date and the costume idea as well!! Yai!


Elena said...

I love fall -there is so much to do during this colorful season! Beautiful photos!

Ali W. said...

I love this Priya! And by the way, you look so cute in red lipstick! I have been thinking about doing a haunted house...but I am a huge wuss. I will bake something pumpkin though! I think you covered everything that's been on my mental list! :)

Alexa said...

super cute and fun ideas <3 loving that pic of you and Hunter! beyond cute :)

Alexa <3

Priya said...

Katherine, I didn't realize you guys were so far apart right now! Wow that is terrible!! And explains all the traveling! You might have to switch apple-picking to...christmas tree picking? Or whatever is in season in December?

Priya said...

You totally should! I'm looking forward (nervously) to a haunted house trip! They're always so fun and terrifying to me!

Priya said...

Thanks Jess! Horseback riding sounds amazing, how perfect for your 3 year (congrats!). I don't have a costume planned yet and I'm not quite sure how big mine is going to be...we'll see!

Priya said...

Thanks Elana! That's how I got the apple orchard idea! I need to do that! Baking is always fun, and pumpkins make it so seasonal! Good luck!

Priya said...

Man if you can convince your man into that costume, major props! That would be SO cute! You totally should, I'm going tomorrow! So excited!!

Priya said...


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