happy lolloween to you!

I figured I better post these pictures from our pumpkin carving soiree before they became completely irrelevant. This was last week, and we were so happy to spend an afternoon with friends!
 Of course our party included pumpkin cream cheese muffins (not cupcakes!)
and warm cider from a jar, the perfect combination. 
 Love that face. 
 The guests of the hour, my sweet friends Michael & Amanda (and soon to be Mr. & Mrs. McEachern!) 
 Carving pumpkins with two civil engineers is all business. They went crazy carving ghoulish faces and haunted houses, I made a face with triangle eyes named "Jack."
Now here's our super festive porch, can't wait to light these babies up tonight!

I am beyond excited to dress up tonight. Hunter and I do have coordinating costumes that actually came together...and you'll have to check back with my blog to see pictures ;)

Wishing you all a fun, sweet, and safe Halloween (especially those in the East Coast)! 


Katherine said...

mmmm upcakes! looks lieka great time - pumpkin carving with friends was one of my favorite times in college

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Priya said...

Thanks Katherine! You should see our porch now, we have added two more pumpkins...and it's November! Also, they are MUFFINS (I made a point to not make them cupcakes because I feel like I'm always talking about cupcakes)

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