Yay for taking pictures in good lighting for the first time in my life! I asked Hunter to take some for me before he went to class, and when I asked him where, he directed me to this spot! Fancy that!
hair clip- F21. earrings- Premier Designs, top- Old Navy, skirt- Ann Taylor Loft, boots- Shoe Carnival
 Now debuting my new skirt from Ann Taylor! I saw it a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the pleats and the gorgeous color (the color of an orange dreamsicle, resulting in a pleatsicle, if you will). Is orange in for fall? Maybe. I couldn't help but swish it around all day when I walked! The fabric is SO swishy!
Also debuting my new (and actually, first) chambray shirt! I am way behind this trend, I realize. I ordered it online when I got my new colored pants, just to make my order enough for free shipping (this is being economical!). The size/fit was somewhat of a gamble, but I'm pretty pleased with it! I figure polka dots are a fun take on this classic.
Here I am looking thoughtful as I show off my side profile. 
And this pose is inevitable with a swingy skirt!

   How's everyones' week?! I am going crazy, running from homework to rehearsal to work. Thankfully this week is ALMOST over and I'm almost back on top of school after missing like, a week of class. Then I will take a giant breath. And read some blogs.

Highlights of today:
- B on my make-up Physics test (GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!)
- Cranberry Apple tea that I stole from the office (delicious.)
- the pumpkins waiting at home for me (both real and peanut butter...I managed my first fall date this week! Pictures to come!)
- that extra hour before rehearsal starts tonight. Whatever shall I do?
- Bangs that are still rockin', two days after my shower. Huzzah! 


Larissa said...

Looking great! I love this blouse! And it fits perfectly with the skirt! And your friend made some really really good pictures! You should engage him :)

Katherine said...

that skirt is so cute! i love pleated skirts that swish like that. and free shipping really is the best - the chambray shirt is really cute on you! and i love peanut butter pumpkins - mm!!

<3 katherine

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Lady friend - so scary to hear about your trip to the hospital! Good to see you are getting better quickly. You are too adorbs in this outfit - orange is my favorite color, and I am obsessed with anything chambray, so this is right up my alley!

The Braided Bandit said...

Love the color and the pleats! I love how chambray looks great with anything colorful on the bottom, the dots just ass an extra special touch! Good luck getting through the last few days of this week!
xo Hannah

Nataly said...

Aw Priya you're such a cutie!!!!! I love your "thoughtful" picture, it's so cute ;-) that skirt and shirt are SOOO CUTE (man, how many times did I say cute???)

Ali W. said...

You look darling Priya...AS USUAL! You always look so cute! I love the boots!

Alexa said...

this orange is so hot and perfect for fall! priya you are way too amazing :) your outfits are always soo fun and perfect

Alexa <3

Elana said...

Let's go over what I love about this post:

-Polka dots
-A Pleated skirt
-A fun color
-Priya looking happy and healthy in the sun

Basically I just love everything. Has there been a time when I haven't loved everything though?

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look fantastic! The lighting in these photos indeed turned out great. Don't worry about just recently buying a chambray shirt, I just bought my first denim shirt this year as well.. hehe. BTW, I just want to say that you I just love your personality and positivity. Its always refreshing to read your blog ;)


Priya said...

Marie! That is so sweet, thank you so much! I'm glad it's positive, that's a great compliment :)

Priya said...

I love it that you said happy AND healthy haha

Priya said...

Thank you Jessica! It's so nice to have the care of many people, makes recovery that much better!

Unknown said...

Cute look, Priya! That is a great little polka dot chambray number and love the skirt too. They make for a fun fall color combination! I hope you can get all caught up on school soon so you can tackle your whole list of fall date ideas.

xo Jenny

tsbjf said...

I do have to tell you that everytime I see the word 'chambray' I think of you. Thanks for educating me in the ways of fashion! :) You look cute, as always! Congrats on your first chambray shirt, I was wondering when that was going to happen. :)

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