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   Reporting to you live from our 10 out of 12 (the tech rehearsal that goes from 11 to 11, 10/12 of our hours of the day). It's a long day for sure, but it's quite exciting to see the stage lighting and crew get involved. Also the show opens in like 5 days. What.

   This morning Hunter and I tried to have some semblance of time together, by going to the post office to mail bday packages to my brother Coren and friend Katie (Happy Birthday to you both!) and visiting The Perch, a new restaurant with all kinds of special breakfast. Hunter had an omelette, I had Nutella crepes and waaayyy too much coffee (I got excited because a) I was sleepy and b) it was on tap). I do enjoy an occassional cup but I think two full ones messed with my stomach. A few hours into rehearsal I was not feeling so hot, but maybe it was the stage lights.

   I wish I had a picture of how gorg my crepe was...oh wait here's one. 
   And the giant Nutella jar I'll imagine they scooped the Nutella out of.
excuse that cell phone picture quality...bonus points if you can find me sporting my game day shirt! 

   More about food and my life lately. And by the way, how is it that food is so dang comforting? I biked home the other day, and the temperature here has dropped, so by the time I got to my house, I was quite freezing. Nothing sounded better than some hot apple cider and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin, the perfect combination. Which I have been indulging in quite a bit lately.

   On the note of indulgence, Thursday night after rehearsal I was CRAVING (or more Southern-appropriate, I had a hankerin') for something salty and probably BBQ flavored. We went out but I had one goal: to find some wings. I don't even like wings! What is with me?! We ended up ordering hot wings (ok and I DEF don't like hot wings, that was all Hunter) quite late from our new favorite place, Dolce Vita, this pizza etc. place that is open til 5 am. But it was not that late. Don't worry. Umm, they were amazing. And I ate so many of them. I repeat, I don't even like wings.
   Side note: I was worried about eating them so late because the urban myth is that eating hot food late will give you heartburn and scary dreams. I definitely had a dream that someone was chasing me to kill me, but I have dreams like this about once a week, so I won't fully attribute it to the wings.

   As if that wasn't enough chicken to last me for the rest of my life, yesterday afternoon I was at home, loving a free afternoon before rehearsal, when my friend Dave bullied me into going to McDougal's with him (a chicken place). So I had a "small" chicken basket and all the free soft serve I could fit into my Dixie cup. Well Dave, it was an adventure.

   One last thing about food, remember the other night how I had a little party even though I had a paper to write? I mean, is that so college or what. Photos from said party:
   Moral of the story: fondue is a dish best served with friends. Also, CAN be made from melted chocolate chips and heavy cream, spectacular! I have to point out that my DIY made it above our door...well, I just stuck it there and no one has taken it down.

   At this point in rehearsal my productivity levels are low despite the long to-do list, mostly including homework, that I've written. Also included is research for my Halloween costume, that I'm nervous to post about because it might fall through. But I am resolute.

   I hope that everyone is having a fantastic Halloweekend, I think that term is so cute. I guess everyone is celebrating the holiday right about now, and why shouldn't you? Eat two cupcakes, one for me!


Alexa said...

this post made me hungry! that crepe looks soo good <3 love the picture of you and you girls <3 too cute! hope you had a good weekend Priya!

Alexa <3

Shelby said...

I haven't checked in with your blog in a while. It's been way too long!:) haha I have a huge jar of Nutella in my room right now so I need to try those creeps!!

joy said...

YUM I love nutella and fondue! This post is making me super hungry and craving chocolate :) now following.

Unknown said...

That is too funny that we have the same shirt, same Target heels, same shirt, I wonder what else is hiding in our closets that is the same? That crepe looks amazing, gotta love going out on a breakfast date! I hope you are ready and excited for your show opening. I used to dance/do plays in high school so I know what it is like to sit at a long practice, break a leg!

xo Jenny

Elana said...

Mmm... you had me at nutella. And fondue. Actually, you had me at food. Break a leg at your show! Hopefully things slow down for you a little when it's done!

Ali W. said...

YUMMM this post makes me hungry! Going out to breakfast is the best. It's one of my favorite things to do...and Nutella is so good! I think you DIY above the door is so cute!

Eatlovemerry said...

Yummy! That looks so good!

The Braided Bandit said...

Nutella crepes sound soooo good! Also, fondue is one of my favorites ever! This post is making me hungry, and not for the two apples I have sitting next to me at work...!
xo Hannah

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