i'm baaack!

no I didn't die in California.
yes I had an amazing time with my family and Hunter (together at last!)
yes I am finally back in Nashville!
and YES I am ready to get this semester over with!

here's some highlights from our trip (please note that this is 10 pictures out of like 10,000)
mom completely spoiled me, with delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, and tea every night!
got to see one of my baby brothers for a total of ONE HOUR. can't wait for Christmas you two!
per usual, I love seeing hearts in nature, and this one even had my name on it!
we could have paid $25 to get one of these done on a green screen, but I did it myself!
huntee practicing for his race.
lunch at the Pelican Inn in Muir woods!IMG_0743
SF by night.
my beautiful friends Jacqui & Jenae!
hunter got 8th place out of 14,000 in the Turkety Trot & Galina ran the 10k!
Carina & I in Santa Cruz (above) and on Thanksgiving (below)
we were even able to make a day trip to Yosemite!
IMG_0998IMG_1047IMG_1059another $25 souvenir photo that I took myself, Hunter holding up Half Dome, classic.
Yosemite at dusk!

we flew in late last night, so we're back in Nashville, just barely!
what else is new with me?
a week and a half left of class, and definitely enough schoolwork to keep me busy until then.
made myself a flickr account because my little blogger was too full of pictures.
also planning to not buy anything for myself until after Christmas, due to insufficient funds and Christmas presents for others.
so, keep me accountable.

hope everyone had a very lovely Thanksgiving!


Carina said...

That picture of you and me... and galina, is priceless.

Elana said...

Aw, this whole post makes me so happy! So glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving week with loved ones. Also, 8th out of 14,000?? Way to go, Hunter!

Galina said...

Priceless or tragic?!
"Thanks for leaving me out in the COLD!" No seriously :)

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