dressing for successing

coat- F21, shirt- American Eagle c/o Shel, necklace- F21, skirt- Old Navy, tights- Nordys Rack, shoes- Target

oh hello and welcome to my series of posts with cliche titles [next up: "the clothes horse"]
to be fair, this outfit is from the other day, where I had been in a slump of sweats and not studying
when I actually needed to be studying.
but as of 1:40, CST, yesterday, fall semester 2012 is in the books!! 
which means I am rapidly finishing up Christmas presents for my Nashville friends,
mailing back rented books,
packing to go home, 
and squeezing in a few more shifts at Donut Den until I don't work for weeks! 

but back to this outfit: I went to the mall the other day to look for one more thing for Huntee (and generally de-stress after my Physics final [blech])
and I realized that I haven't been to the mall once this holiday season. 
It actually felt really fun to be there with everyone Christmas shopping, mall Santa holding babies, etc.
I didn't find a thing for Huntee
AND I didn't buy anything for myself!
Though a few times I came really close.
I'm holding out for a little thrifting adventure tomorrow.
And the long-winded point of this whole story is: copied this from the J.Crew window. The End.

P.S. Skirt cost me $0.50 on the Old Navy clearance rack in July sometime. TRUE STORY. 


Larissa said...

You are looking lovely and I love those shoes and your coat! Just perfect perfectlypriya :)

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Woo hoo for another completed college semester! So jealous of you youngin's and your school breaks!! Also seriously jealous of that clearance rack skirt score!
Happy holidays dear!

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