Factual Saturday


Gave myself a festive red/sparkly manicure!
earrings- Target, scarf- gifted, belt- Target, tunic- Old Navy, tights- Kohls, socks- F21, boots-Blowfish c/o Carina 

Favorite feature? Nose.
Thing she thinks she looks bad in but wears anyway? Crew socks.
Current obsession? Candles.
Game she played by herself as a child? Monopoly.
Best friend in 5th grade? Cannelle from France.
Sport she always wished she played? Little League Baseball -> Softball
Song that makes her cry: “From This Moment On” – Shania Twain
Movie that still makes her cry: probably The Lion King depending on the day
Month she would choose if she had to name her child after a month: May! (honorable mention- August)
Pokemon she would choose if she had to name her child after a Pokemon: Articuno (Artie for short)
Food everyone likes that she never got in to: Watermelon.
Pairs of Pajama Pants? Three.
Pairs of Christmas Pajama Pants? Two.
Disney Princess: Jasmine, ah-bviousllyyyy

Figured this might be better than my usual rambling. Hope you're in the middle of a blissful weekend!


Unknown said...

Love this look! Its so chic and you look so pretty! Funny questions, I think the pokemon one is very our generation :)

xo Jenny

Nataly said...

You are just the cutest Priya!!! The cutest the cutest!

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

I am in love with your scarf pretty lady!
And this was such a fun post to read - pretty sure I played monopoly by myself as a child too! Twinsies!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahahah your posts always put a smile on my face. You have such a great personality and sense of humor. You also have an incredible sense of style, love what you are wearing! You combine black and brown like a pro :)


Miss Doyle said...

Ooh, am loving this outfit. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Priya! I was reading your blog when all of a sudden I saw my name appear out of nowhere. That was an expected surprise. :D I also have great 5th grade memories with you! And I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have fans in France now :)

Priya said...

:D thanks Nataly you're the best!

Priya said...

Ohh good and we both turned out okay! Pretty sure the scarf is from WorldMarket!

Priya said...

Cannelle! The fact that you are reading my blog just made me whole life! I'm sorry we fell out of touch over FB but I would love to be email pen pals or real pen pals!!

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