bff outfit

Welcome to the funnest outfit shoot of my life. When I spent the day with my master photographer friend Stephanie (Jenae was there too) I knew I had to take advantage of her camera skillz.
necklace- Tiffany's, shirt- Kohl's, skirt- thrifed, tights- Nordy's Rack, flats- American Eagle
Stephanie's backyard proved to be the perfect mix of urban grit and scenic suburban. All props property of Eric Brazelton. 
Did my nails at Katie's with this Essie polish that i LOVE but don't know the name of. It's still going strong. One of those mysteries of life I suppose. 

Here's what was happening behind-the-scenes:
Jenae was excellent at holding the flash, but unfortunately prevented me from doing any sexy fashion blogger pouts because I was laughing waaaay too hard.

   Notes on this outfit: I got this skirt on my thrifting expedition before I came home for Christmas, and although I still think it's cute, I'd like to find a better way to wear it. I wore gray tights because I thought they would match the flats better, but it all ended up looking a little weird. I'll head back to the drawing board on this one, and black tights it is.
   Come tomorrow morning I'll be headed back to Nashville, but I can definitely say I capitalized on time spent with friends over this break. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm so thankful to still have friends at home that I still get along/have a blast with.

So long, CA...next time I'm back I will be a graduate :O


Katherine said...

its always fun to visit photographer friends! I love when i can hand my camera to them and they will know what to do. I lvoe this green color on you and you and your friend are adorable

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Ali W. said...

Okay Priya, you are too freaking cute! I have missed this blog of yours while taking my holiday break from blogging! You are so darling! And PLEASE show me how to do my hair like yours! You have the most perfect hair ever!

Elana said...

You really are just the cutest. These pictures are so fun! I hope you had a great time in LA, I'm SO sad we didn't get meet up! Next time for sure. Stupid car situation...

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

photoshoots with friends are the best! You can definitely tell you are having a blast in that radiant smile of yours!

Rachel Zimm said...

I LOVE this outfit! the green color is gorgeous, and the floral skirt is perfect for it.

Priya said...

Such a relief to have actual photographers take your pictures! and thanks Katherine!

Priya said...

Aww thanks Ali! And I feel that way about your hair, sooo

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