oh yeah, new year's resolutions

one more picture from Emily, thanks Em!

Well at least it's still January.
Like most people, my resolutions don't make it past the month.
I have good intentions, but then I a) forget b) change my mind or c) give up.
Anyway, I try not to put too much pressure on myself, but here's what I'm working on for the year.
Permission granted to keep me in check.

1. Ride my bike more. [especially to school, which might only start during the Spring when it's warm]
2. Send something to my Mummo every month. [my Finnish grandma]
3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. ["remember" so I don't have to actually do anything ;)] 
4. Read a book every month. [this month: The Fountainhead]
5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [this is gonna be hard]
6. Be confident. 

Here's to 2013!



The Braided Bandit said...

Such a good list! I didn't even make on this year, so I can't even attempt for a month! Number 5 is a good one though, definitely want to work on that! And bike more too (when its warmer!) :

Jessica @ Here(and)Now said...

Great resolutions lady! I need to break my bike out more often, and am definitely on the purge streak since January rolled around - trying to throw away/donate/gift 100 things this month to make room for new fabulousness in the months ahead!
Cheers to a confident 2013!

ALLIE NYC said...

Great hair! Transforming your guy one item at a time! My revolution has begun!

Ali of:


Alexa said...

that is such a pretty picture of you Priya!! loving your list. I actually didnt put together a list this year. I'm not sure why. The new year kinda just crept up on me. To answer your questions from my blog post from like a million years ago, both my parents are actually Indian. So I visited a lot of family in India and it was a blast. I really miss it and it was super cold when I got back here (well California cold...lol). So yeah! I hope you had an amazing holiday season! Happy 2013...I can't wait for more fabulous posts

Alexa <3

Instant Milk said...

You are beautiful! Great ideas on your blog! Would love it if you came by my blog and liked it as much as I like yours so we can follow each other;) You'll see me around here pretty often! Stay in touch!


Marlen said...

gah you are SO beautiful! that's a model pose right there. and haha your resolutions sound totally doable, keep at them! i especially like sending gifts to your grandma and riding your bike more often. those are some feel good things right there :)

And for my India trip we;re actually going all over- from south to north! do you have any recommendations on any fun places to visit? so far for the south we have a lot of nature-type activities planned but i'd love to see something historic or something like that. any help would be appreciated :D

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