storm warning

scarf- c/o Carina, sweater- thrifted J.Crew, trench- Gap, jeans- F21, flats- Target, belt- F21

I feel much better posting these pictures now, as opposed to the last few days,
because it's actually freezing again.
Tuesday and Wednesday we had a weird pre-tornado heat wave,
along with tornado sirens and hiding in the basement at 3 am.
As a Californian, the only natural disaster I'll acknowledge is an earthquake,
so I stayed in bed while my iPhone and the sirens howled.
This will eventually end up screwing me, I'm sure
but until then, I'll keep sleeping through tornado warnings.

I couldn't help but think Hunter Hayes' cute song "Storm Warning"
although Hunter, news flash, storms aren't really that cute.
They're not even so much "a beautiful mess"
as they are a complete mess.

This pictures are from a couple weeks ago when I thought:
"I'm so tired of wearing boots! How cold can flats be?"
I learned two things that day: very cold. and I am an idiot.

Thanks to Em again for the pictures, I promise you she makes me look a lot better than I actually do!


The Braided Bandit said...

You look so good in purple girl! I had a similar experience with thinking, how cold could it be without gloves yesterday. I learned the same lesson. Glad the storm warning did not actually turn into any sort of disaster for you!
Have a wonderful day! :)
xo Hannah

Nataly said...

Hi cutie! Looking good as always! And as a fellow Californian, I probably would have slept through a tornado warning, too..not wise, not wise! Haha. Really love those shoes!

Elana said...

Priya, these pictures are SOOOO pretty! You need to wear that trench all the time, it looks awesome on you. As does purple. You totally rock purple.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look SO pretty in these picutres Priya!!! I bet those flats were indeed not keeping your feet warm enough. I remember that when I lived in the U.S., I once wore tights with flats during the winter and almost DIED... haha.


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