red, borrow, & steal

IMG_0181necklace- from Renae, blouse- from my Mom, pants- Old Navy, shoes- from Carina (trust me)

Here's my philosophy on clothing:
steal it from people.
Kinda joking, kinda not.
I would never actually steal something from a friend that didn't realize it was missing.
What I mean is like, "Oh hey Mom, the clothes you're wearing are suddenly in style."
"Thank you Priya."
"Can I have this blouse?"
"Sure I've had it for like 25+ years."
"Thanks Mom, I'll give you a shout-out on my blog."
(SHOUT-OUT TO MY MOM! A lovely lady who has said to me my entire life,
"I hope one day you have a daughter just like you."
She told me the other day that she likes reading my blog because it's funny. Aww!)
So anyway, as I've mentioned before, my favorite items are consistently ones I've inherited/been given.
Sometimes you have to convince people to give you their stuff.
I am also not above that.
The shoes that you can't see I've been wearing nearly every day,
I found them in a giveaway bag from my sister. Gem-ridden!
This necklace was (gifted? lended?? we never really settled the terms) by my dear friend Renae.
I think it's from the 80's and I also think it's made of recycled breath mints.
Thank you to Emily for photographing me, in red, once again.

A few photos that didn't make the cut
(and yet here I am, posting them, you're welcome.)
"Emily is making me take pictures and I don't want to do this!"
Funny because it's just the opposite, I forced her to do it.
you never know what measure of fashion blogger may be lurking in our Ivy tree.


Nataly said...

I LOVE TAKING CLOTHES FROM MY MOM. There's some of her shirts that have suddenly moved from her closet to mine...hehe yay for moms! And that is the sweetest thing for her to day--that she hopes you have a daughter like you. Aw! Well that's a really cute blouse!

And thank you :'-) you're the sweetest...and I know..I've been training myself to naturally wake up early. But now I regret it, hah!

MorgHarpNich.com said...

i do the same thing with my mom all the time!! haha. it's wonderful.
i really love this, it looks great

Renae Shah said...

So glad you can make a relic of the 80's seem so in Vogue ;)) Just keep for Zoe ;)

Anonymous said...

Nerd comment- the lighting in those photos is PERFECT. Great outfit, Priya! :)

Trace Carlson said...

the trash heaps behind you were very distracting.

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