weekend update: birthdays on birthdays on birthdays

Monday, March 11

I'm over here reeling and trying to get back to real life after birthday celebrations that lasted from Thursday-Sunday.

One last HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friends Jaimie, Sam, Hunter, and Stephanie!

Without further ado...photos from the festivities:
birthday girl #1 (and cupcakes, because as everyone knows, I cannot resist)
and birthday girl #2! (have I mentioned I'm growing my bangs out...and it sucks)
love these guys!
Jaime is 21! Hooray!
Huntee's special birthday dinner (Nashvillians: Tavern in Midtown. Spectacular!)
and surprise cake with friends! Thank you friends!
I'm not gonna lie...I was very pleased with how the cake turned out!
(for those of you who might not recognize the checkerboard, it's the University of Tennessee Volunteer's [Huntee's team] Neyland Stadium!)

What a weekend! Thankful for sweet friends to celebrate and celebrate with!

In other news: I tried to get by without wearing tights today, it is not quite Spring yet.
It's not quite Spring Break yet either...but only T-5 full days until we leave! 


Alexa said...

oo birthday celebrations!!! i love love love your hot pink lips. So chic. I wish I could pull off that color because it is so bold and fabulous. hope you had a great Monday Priya <3

Alexa <3

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao, that is a LOT of birthdays!! How exciting!! I'm so glad you all had such a nice time!