end-of-semester slump

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Hampton Court Palace, 2007

hello everyone!
so lately i haven't been feeling like myself
upon further diagnosis i have decided I'm in an "end-of-semester slump"
symptoms include those similar to a cold (or maybe i have this in conjunction with a cold)
along with anxiety about the future
and not being able to get anything done (including, blogging).
i'm definitely not complaining, 
but i want to be sure and include that my life is not all fun and outfit posts!
i've been feeling weird, and unproductive,
which kills me.
additionally, i feel like i have lots to figure out, mostly money stuff as i transition into real life,
getting a car,
paying more in rent, etc. 
BUT after a long session with my journal, talking to my mom, visiting a Nissan dealership
i'm pleased to say i'm feeling a lot better, and a lot more like ME. 

here's what's going on today:
i rode my bike to school, which is great for fulfilling my new year's resolution
but also leaves me with messy hair and a sweaty face.
i have "loan counseling" which sounds scary
then a little pres for my recruiting job,
meeting with my boss Lara,
and tonight instead of working I'm going to see Andrew McMahon in concert
(if that sounds unfamiliar, see Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin)! 
i just got some free coffee, blonde with a couple shots of hazelnut
and in order to be productive i would like to: work on my legal extra credit
and write a reflection paper for Youth Ministry.
OH! and a big hooray, i finally got Spotfiy back on my computer 
(anyone else having trouble with Spotify on an old Mac?)
so now I can listen to allll the music I've been missing for weeks
uhh, JB Believe, here I come
(on that note, PLEASE read this article, entitled "30 Glorious Justin Bieber Quotes")

regularly scheduled programming will continue tomorrow. have a spectacular day! 

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