that's what I love about Sunday's

This picture is mostly random, I don't even know where exactly this is. One connection to this weekend- when I walked home from work Friday night, I witnessed the most spectacular firework display. I have no idea why they were going off. But it was awesome. 

I love journaling when I am in a fantastic mood, I guess the reasoning is that when I'm feeling less than fantastic, I can read it and somehow absorb those feelings.

So, let's try that for blogging. I had a really nice day, and a really nice weekend. Not that I didn't work at all, because I did, but it felt equal parts relaxing (10 hours of sleep Friday night, looking at you!) and fun.

Today was nearly what I would envision a perfect Sunday to be: I worked this morning, came home, ate two spinach and cheese quesadillas, took a little nap, went to church, and then had a study date with Huntee. He didn't want to sit in a coffee shop because he doesn't like that kinda stuff, but I desperately wanted some coffee, so I won :) and it was really nice, wasn't it Huntee?!

We sat in Starbucks for over an hour, then studied some more at my house (clarification: I am working on two group presentations, making the Power Points because fun fact I love making Power Points. One topic is "The Secret Underworld of Teens", my section is "Social Media" [and I swear, if I have to do one more project/presentation/research paper about social media...#marketingmajorprobz], my other presentation is about Website Analytics, and I am doing a case study on Blogging! Look Mom, blogging is helping me in school!).

I just took a nice long shower, I'm gonna do a little yoga, and hop in bed! Guys, I think it's going to be a really good week. *The main point behind this post is for me to read it on Wednesday when I feel like I'm gonna die and remember, hey, I was really relaxed and feeling good at the start of this week*

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Katherine said...

I think that's something I love about blogging too - being able to look back and see what I did and loved and smile about it! I love documenting things, especially to look back on on less than stellar days.

This does instead sound like an ideal sunday

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