weekend update: the city & a big fat Indian wedding

This weekend was delicious. Like, wear yourself out, two hour nap on Sunday afternoon delicious. I'm down to two weeks left in CA, (more like one because I'm leaving for my cruise in T-7 days!) and still enjoying myself, thank you kindly.

I spent THURSDAY and FRIDAY in San Francisco with my sister, Carina, loving every minute of city life. This included but was not limited to: bus trips, train trips, walking trips, a birthday night out, late-night quesadillas, mint mojito COFFEES, my first trip to Zara, and a narwhale photo shoot. 
I actually didn't take loads of pictures, but there's my half-eaten quesadilla, and actually NOT the Narwhale shoot (will need special permission to post those), but a mural I found while walking.

SATURDAY I jetted (ok, trained) back to Santa Clara where I accompanied my Dad to a wedding where he seemed to know everyone, and everyone knew me, or I should say, remembered a baby version of me.

I was actually very excited because I got to wear a sari for the first time in my young 22-year-old half-Indian life! Dad was excited to wear his "Indian shirt"...we made a great team! (Btw I wanted to get ONE non-selfie of myself in a sari, and trying to explain blogging to my dad was a lot of fun. "You want to go outside? Now? Away from everyone else?")
The beautiful bride and groom. Congrats Naveen & Stephanie!!

Early SUNDAY morning it was back to the city to cheer Carina on as she ran the SF Marathon!IMG_2385
Managed one action shot!
Carina PRed by something crazy like 20 minutes, placed 11th in her age group, and very narrowly missed qualifying for Boston! 
Way to go little P!

The rest of Sunday was occupied by that amazing nap. Solid weekend I'd say! 
Thanks for reading!!



Larissa said...

Wow... I love your Sari and your sister is soooo great! I never run more than 25 minutes, then I get tired ;)
Have a wonderful week ! Can't wait to see what you've been up to in your new post. It always makes me so happy to visit your blog and see all those similing faces!!!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao, you look SOOOO beautiful in that sari!! I mean stunning! Glad to hear you have been having so much fun!


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