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necklace- from Mexico, tank- Gap, skirt- thrifted, shoes- Marks & Spencer (Ireland) 
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As most of you know, I recently moved to a new house in a new neighborhood, 
East Nashville for any of you locals. 
This up-and-coming borough is the livelihood (pun intended) of the hipsters.
This is not commentary on how cool I think I am, but how un-cool I think I am.
There are a million trendy places that I've only begin to discover,
feeling mildly out of place at each one!

These pictures are from the day I accompanied Shelby, my resident hipster, to Barista Parlor,
probably the coolest coffee shop ever.
They had records spinning, boutique chocolate bars and scones for sale, and the most awesome paint job/storefront of all time. 
 photo IMG_2555_zps69bd5284.jpg
Exhibit A: here patrons have parked their motorcycles and wagons (?)
 photo IMG_2540_zps4d84b91e.jpg
Exhibit B: I want one of these just for the wrapping. This is a lesson in marketing #marketingmajorprobz

Well anyway, I'm working on a middle part and this thrifted skirt made its' debut.
After drinking some of Shelby's *ahem* strong coffee that morning, I couldn't get coffee there!
So I cautiously asked about the tea menu, which resulted in some pretty amazing berry tea.
(Editor's Note: I did make it back this week for some delicious coffee!)
Locals: head to Barista Parlor! I have set the bar low for non-hipsters to feel welcome.

I could not resist the outside for some pictures,
especially since the wall colors picked up on some beads in my new necklace!
Accessories! Accessories are a broke post-grad's best friend!

In other news,
Happy Monday to all! I allowed myself a very lazy day off after a weekend that set a new working PR.
This week is on pace to be fabulous. Talk to you soon, and thanks for reading!


Miss Doyle said...

I adore this outfit! Great way to make a formal-ish skirt look casual with the tank. And the necklace is so fun! Great job all around. :)

The Braided Bandit said...

I feel like this at at least 75% of the places in downtown boulder! Everything is either SUPER hippy dippy or super swanky and trendy. Thats said, there are tons of amazing places to eat and drink so really the only problem is me getting over my own interpretations of the scenes haha. I absolutely adore that necklace and I'll take one of each of those chocolate bars please, such cool packaging!
xo Hannah

Marisa Noelle said...

Hehe - I always feel like this when going into the city. Like, look how totally uncool and out of place I look :-) Though I'm also quite a sucker for places like this as the food and drinks are usually divine. Speaking of divine...those chocolate bars look amazing!

That little thrifted skirt is a beauty on you! You always look stunning Priya!

xo Marisa

noone said...

the skirt is really pretty, I like the color a lot and it goes well with the background!!

Alexa said...

LOVE this outfit! You are so gorgeous Priya. That skirt is amazing and you are rocking it <3

Alexa <3

Kristian said...

Well, at least you will always have something new to try- that is the upside of having new places to discover and enjoy!

I love you in this longer length skirt.

Elana said...

I've just been catching up on all of your posts and I had to tell you how much I looooove this outfit. This skirt (especially the color and the length) is just divine and I adore that necklace. Also, I want to come hang out at cool coffee shops in Nashville with you.

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